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   * As I mentionned in ["FrontPage/Discussion"], I think we should use MoinMoin's official names for translated front pages. For example, FrontPageFrench duplicates much of ["PageD'Accueil"] (the equivalent of FrontPage in french). -- TheAnarcat [[DateTime(2006-05-15T02:18:10Z)]]
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 * there are "broken" links like {package:linux-2.6} and {bts:308555} on some pages -- ErichSchubert
   * This could be handled by setting up an "interwiki" named package and debbugs, and then scripting the replacement of above links by e.g. [wiki:package:linux-2.6] That apparently is the way live.gnome.org handles this. -- ErichSchubert
   * There is also a "template" plugin for moin (see MoinMoin:macro/CardMacro)... -- TheAnarcat [[DateTime(2006-05-14T23:33:17Z)]]
   * i've been fixing all links to WardsWiki and some to Meatball. I think DebianBug and DebianPackage interlinks should be created. See WikiMetaDiscussion for this. -- TheAnarcat [[DateTime(2006-05-15T01:52:35Z)]]
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Sun Aug 5 11:51:00 UTC 2007
 * converted all bts: and package: to InterWiki links -- FranklinPiat

Status of wiki.debian.net migration


  • Kwiki had switched URL formats and supported through some hack (probably URL rewrite) old links in the form index.cgi?Foo (example : http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?DebianInstallerFAQ). This was a switch recent enough so that we still find links with such a form in doc and should support them IMO. Currently these bring to a non-existing index.cgi page. -- FilipusKlutiero

  • The new wiki supports links such as w.d.o/?Foo to bring to Foo. However there's no actual redirection. This seems to highlight a small Moin bug. If you access a page this way, and try deleting the page, you'll be asked for confirmation on the homepage for your language. I wasn't careful or thought that was just a bug and confirmed the deletion. The French PageD'Accueil was deleted (but still exists, since it was regenerated automatically). Hopefully that doesn't happen to the english homepage until it's locked. -- FilipusKlutiero

  • The german equivalent of "FrontPage" is still the default page. Probably the same thing applies for other languages. We should get rid of such "bogus" translations! -- ErichSchubert

    • As I mentionned in ["FrontPage/Discussion"], I think we should use MoinMoin's official names for translated front pages. For example, ?FrontPageFrench duplicates much of ["PageD'Accueil"] (the equivalent of FrontPage in french). -- TheAnarcat ?DateTime(2006-05-15T02:18:10Z)

  • Deal with ?WikiLicencingTerms by at least proposing a license for new content. -- FilipusKlutiero


Sun Aug 5 11:51:00 UTC 2007

Sat Oct 8 00:03:05 UTC 2005: wiki.debian.net content is converted over, wiki.debian.net is now permanently read-only, and will soon start to http-redirect people to here --["Jeroen"]

  • Some pages were not converted perfectly, those should be manually fixed.
  • Some pages existed on both wiki.debian.org and wiki.debian.net, I (["Jeroen"]) needed to do something with that. I documented it all, and you can double-check me, and correct where needed:
    • Some page's history got merged, the .org version becoming the last (current) version. You might want to check the last wiki.debian.net version to see if it has info that was dropped in the first wiki.debian.org version. List and raw data: http://spohr.debian.org/~jeroen/wiki/merged/

    • Some pages were seeming manually copied from wiki.debian.net, I deleted the wiki.debian.org version and put down the wiki.debian.net version with history. The .org version might have had markup fixes that are now gone again. You might want to check that. List and raw data: http://spohr.debian.org/~jeroen/wiki/replaced/

    • Some pages had seeming a much better version history in the .org version, and the .net version was a completely seperate branch, I deleted the wiki.debian.net version, but there still might be good info over there that should be merged into the .org version. List and raw data: http://spohr.debian.org/~jeroen/wiki/skipped-backmergemanually/

    • Quite a number of users had on both wiki's a user page, I dropped the .net version for all of them. List and raw data: http://spohr.debian.org/~jeroen/wiki/skipped-personal/