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Twitter: [[https://twitter.com/datagrok|@datagrok]]

GitHub: [[https://github.com/datagrok|@datagrok]]
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I helped to create [[InstallingDebianOn/Thinkpad/X230/wheezy]] I helped to create [[InstallingDebianOn/Thinkpad/X230/wheezy]] and [[InstallingDebianOn/Fujitsu/LifebookU904/jessie]].

Michael F. Lamb

MichaelLamb is the user page for Michael F. Lamb. My personal website is datagrok.org.

Email: <mike AT SPAMFREE datagrok DOT org>

Twitter: @datagrok

?GitHub: @datagrok

Debian Activities

I helped to create InstallingDebianOn/Thinkpad/X230/wheezy and InstallingDebianOn/Fujitsu/LifebookU904/jessie.