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Email: [[MailTo(ivey@debian.org)]] Email: <<MailTo(ivey@debian.org)>>
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PGP Key 0xE34938C7 [http://biglumber.com/x/web?qs=Ivey BigLumber] PGP Key 0xE34938C7 [[http://biglumber.com/x/web?qs=Ivey|BigLumber]]
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Michael D. Ivey founded [[http://www.iveyandbrown.com/|Ivey & Brown, Inc.]] together with Don Brown. ''Ivey and Brown'' used to host wiki.debian.org.

Michael D. Ivey

Email: <ivey@debian.org>

Former Admin of wiki.debian.NET

PGP Key 0xE34938C7 BigLumber

Debian Developer ivey - BTS: ivey@debian.org

Michael D. Ivey founded Ivey & Brown, Inc. together with Don Brown. Ivey and Brown used to host wiki.debian.org.