Michael Germini

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:Warning: work in progress documentation


* Responsible ** ?Michele Cane * Second-in-charge ** ?Michael Germini * Members ** ?Name2 (specific role, if applicable)


*Food *Bar *Venue accommodation *Special accommodation *Transport *Contact at 'Le Camp' (food prices, other options)

Schedule of the work

In decreasing order of urgency

*Explore food possibilities ASAP (ideally before next meeting). Will it be possible to organize cooking ourselves or it has to be organized by Le Camp (will contact Le Camp on 02/04/2012). *If in charge of cooking: find team and food supplies. *Find a location for the bar : inside a Le Camp building, food truck. *Find partners for bar: where do we buy beverages and where do we buy food? *Create a list of possible hotels in the surrounding area. *Investigate prices for the reantal of a small bus for picking up people and transport material.

Needed resources

*Will use the majority of the budget. *During the DebConf will need people to eventually take care of the food (if not provided directly by Le Camp) and people taking care of the bar/buvette.

Connections with other subteams

*Strong Interaction with Finances team. Hospitality team will use the majority of the budget.

Connections to the DebConf global team

(In which areas do you have to work together with (subteams of) the DebConf global team.)

Team Meetings

* ?2012-05-02, Vaumarcus, Le Camp * ?2012-08-14, Vaumarcus, Le Camp