Debian Swiss knives

At DebConf11, during the Lightning talks, the Debian Swiss Knives project was presented.

The idea is to make a group order at Victorinox with Debian branding. Each possible model has a "minimum amount" of pieces that need to be reserved for the order to happen. Amount of each chosen color does not matter.

The prices indicated are the maximum price and do not include shipping.

[2011-09-20] Orders trough the wiki are now closed and definitive orders have been sent out to people.

[2011-12-08] The knives arrived, but please still be patient, unfortunately the Swiss Post does not deliver before Christmas anymore.

[2012-11-12] There are no more knives, we are considering making a new order, but there is no ETA yet.

[2012-11-20] A new order for CyberTool 29 only (black and blue) has been placed, ETA is January 2013.

Fitting Debian branded Swiss Knife Plastic Caps on existing Swiss Knives

If you already have a similar Victorinox knife with the same size of plastic caps but with more or other tools than the two offered models, you can exchange those caps against the Debian branded ones. There is a German written howto which explains how to exchange the plastic caps. If needed XTaran will translate that howto to English. (Found via this also German forum thread which has some more detailed information.)

Nomad black swiss knife

Nomad (dead link)

blue Nomad with Debian branding

Prospective branding

CyberTool 29 red swiss knife

Cybertool 29 (dead link)

Black CyberTool 29 with Debian branding

Prospective branding