Procedure to review packaging for mentors

Get the package

dget -x

Check the license

debmake -kk

decopy -o debian/copyright.tmp
diff -u debian/copyright debian/copyright.tmp

cp debian/copyright debian/copyright.orig
cme update dpkg-copyright -trace
diff -u debian/copyright.orig debian/copyright

Please be also noted that as an unwritten exception to the rule, Debian packages where the copyright of the autoconf files is not documented in the Debian copyright file are routinely accepted by our archive administrators. [0][1]

Build the package

mk-build-deps --root-cmd sudo --install

debuild -us -uc
- or -
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc

Auto Check Tools

lintian --info --display-info --display-experimental --pedantic --show-overrides --color auto

Other things to check

Alternative workflows

Ideas to be added to this page

filterdiff debdiff -i "*debian*" > debdiff.filtered