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 :: DDs, DMs and other contributors may [[Hardware/Wanted|ask for hardware donations]] related to their contributions.  :: DDs, DMs and other contributors may ask for [[Hardware/Wanted|hardware donations]] or [[Hardware/Wanted#Available_hardware|obtain access to Debian hardware]] related to their contributions.

Benefits available to Debian members and contributors are listed below.


DDs, DMs and other contributors may obtain certification of their membership/contributions.


DDs, DMs and other contributors may ask for hardware donations or obtain access to Debian hardware related to their contributions.

ARM Development Studio

DDs may obtain a gratis copy of ARM Development Studio, proprietary development tools for the ARM architectures.


GPLHost provides virtual servers running Xen. Provided that your need is to host something related to free software (it doesn't have to be Debian related though), GPLHost can host your project for free. This will be of the form of a free VPS with 512 to 2048 MB of RAM, and 25 to 100 GB of HDD. Everything is currently hosted on a single server in Paris, connected with 1Gbits/s link. The service is self managed (you can reinstall Debian by yourself using the control panel), though zigo will be happy to provide support on IRC.

DDs should send emails to zigo@debian.org (main owner of GPLHost) to get the discount and directions on how to obtain the virtual machine. Mails should be sent using OpenPGP signatures, to prove that you're really a DD (or a DM).


Gandi provides website hosting, cloud computing, domain registration and X.509 certificate services. Gandi provides discounts to the open source community.

DDs should send emails to non-profit@gandi.net from their @debian.org addresses indicating their Gandi handles. These need to be personal *-GANDI handles only (i.e. no company, reseller handles). DDs should set their handles' prepaid account currency as this will expedite provisioning. Gandi will apply discount level 'E'.


LeaseWeb provides dedicated servers, bare metal servers, private clouds, virtual servers and content delivery networks. LeaseWeb offers discounts to Debian Developers.

DDs should send emails to sales@us.leaseweb.com (for North America) or sales@nl.leaseweb.com (for Europe) from their @debian.org address with subject "debian.org membership special offer (ref VLCH)".

After confirmation of identity by replying to emails sent to their @debian.org address, DDs are entitled to discounts. The specific amount of discount is dependent on the service requested and the availability of resources (eg, number of dedicated servers available at the time of the request).


LWN is a news and information source for the free software community. HPE sponsors subscriptions to the open source community.

DDs and DMs should send OpenPGP-signed emails to lwn-subscription@debian.org indicating their LWN usernames. Thereafter, DDs and DMs should patiently wait while the provisioning process unfolds.


Steam offers subscriptions to select titles to the open source community. Collabora coordinates the dissemination of keys.

DDs and DMs should send OpenPGP-signed emails to debian-steam@collabora.com requesting keys. Steam and most games distributed by it are proprietary software.