MeetBot is designed to assist in running meetings, taking notes, and so on. It is in pure python, as a plugin to supybot. However, there is a clear distinction between meeting-code and IRC-code, so it should be relatively easy to port to other bots. It is under the supybot license (3-clause BSD).

To discuss issues, feature requests or to request it enter another channel, please join #meetbot on OFTC. The current version was written by ?RichardDarst (darst @ OFTC) and is now run by Joerg Jaspert (Ganneff @ OFTC). It was started as a clone/replacement of meetbot by HolgerLevsen, which was itself a derivative of used by the Ubuntu Scribes team. MootBot and the original meetbot were plugins to the eggdrop IRC bot.

MeetBot is designed to be simple, not complex. Features are great, but not so much that it becomes hard to use or unwieldy to maintain.


Commands start with a #. Not all commands give feedback. Bold commands are the main important ones - knowing just them is enough to run a great meeting.

Admin commands (for only Chairs):

Commands for Everyone:

More advanced commands are in the manual.


(add more feature requests here)

For Later



[Outdated, needs rework] Meetbot runs on python2.4 or greater. It depends on supybot (meetbot is a supybot plugin) and pygments (for IRC log highlighting). (Debian packages: supybot, python-pygments) To get the code, do:

git clone

To update the code thereafter, use this from the repo directory:

git pull

After you have a change you like, just send me a pull request. Join #meetbot on to talk.

Installing MeetBot on OS X

Installing SupyBot

Download supybot’s source and unpack it somewhere handy. Grab meetbot’s source too.

pushd /tmp
wget -O MeetBot-latest.tar.gz
tar xvzf MeetBot-current.tar.gz
mv MeetBot-current/ircmeeting MeetBot-current/MeetBot/

Now we’re ready to install ?SupyBot along with required plugins.

mkdir ircbot && cd ircbot
virtualenv ircbot
source ircbot/bin/activate
which python pip
pushd /tmp/Supybot-
python install
mv /tmp/MeetBot-current/MeetBot ./ircbot/lib/python2.7/site-packages/supybot/plugins/MeetBot

Configuring SupyBot

There’s a wizard to do this, we have only a few answers to give but some items need to go in the config file afterwards.

Launch supybot-wizard and fill in the blanks!

The nickname you pick next will also be used for log and config files:

Setting up Plugins

From the last steps a bunch of plugin configuration has already been done. But we need a little bit more, including setting up:

Beginning configuration for Admin...   Done!
Beginning configuration for User...    Done!
Beginning configuration for Channel... Done!
Beginning configuration for Misc...    Done!
Beginning configuration for Config...  Done!

Securing the Bot

All done! Your new bot configuration is fqdnbot.conf. If you're
running a *nix based OS, you can probably start your bot with the
command line 'supybot fqdnbot.conf'. If you're not running a *nix
or similar machine, you'll just have to start it like you start
all your other Python scripts.

Running the Bot

To start it, launch your python virtual env again as before, and just run supybot <your_bot_name.conf>. Then jump on IRC and PM your bot. You’ll need to authorise yourself user identify <admin> <passwd> before going further.