Using MeeGo Tools in Debian

This wiki page is designed to capture useful information on using MeeGo tools in Debian. The idea is that one can use Debian to develop, build, and hack on MeeGo.

What are MeeGo Tools?

MeeGo is a Linux distribution, like Debian, only sponsored by Intel and Nokia and hosted by the Linux Foundation. You can find out more here:

MeeGo tools are scripts and programs that allow one to build ?MeeGo images as well as do other things with repositories and ?MeeGo in general. Here is the URL to the MeeGo developer tools: As you can see if you surf to that URL, there are a set of tools there that allow you to do things like build MeeGo images and create MeeGo packages. These tools are apparently designed to be cross-distro, that is to say, you should be able to use these tools on any LIinux distribution. In practice this has not been the case however and this page is designed to provide a set of pointers and notes to get these tools working in Debian.


From the Gitorious web site: "MeeGo Image Creator (MIC) is a tool for creating and manipulating ?MeeGo images. MIC is a series of utilities that create customized images and provides an easy-to-use development environment for the ?MeeGo distribution."

You can clone the code for MIC from the Gitorious web site:

Note that this is not the only place where you can get this code from, you can also get it distributed inside Debian as a deb and at the MeeGo web site here: