Homepage: https://www.novatechnocrat.com/ Email: matt@novatechnocrat.com IRC: In between IRC servers due to Leenode

From: Northern Virginia, United States

* Security Specialist
* Programmer
* Systems Admin

Current Projects

* Developed cross-platform Discord and Twitch applications:

https://github.com/NOVATechnocrat/TwitchElectron https://github.com/NOVATechnocrat/DiscordElectron

* Scripting/automating the lookup of common misspellings and improper phrases throughout the English pages of the Debian Wiki.

-There are many-

* Mods/et al, if you are wondering why I'm making an abnormal amount of changes to the Wiki, please see above ^.


* Many bug reports.
* Contributed to mostly dead projects if that tells you anything.. XChat etc..
* Debian Wiki updates.
* Helped develop 3D printable masks that were approved by the NIH for community use using FOSS.
* Started a couple companies, blah blah.
* My greatest contribution has yet to be contributed.

Debian says I own this page, but no one truly owns anything in this world and I certainly can't take it with me when I die. Alas, who am I to question Debian for I am but a single man among a Legion of the righteous.
"Someone, somewhere, some point in time.. (It was me)"