I am an IT consultant at California State University, San Bernardino. Debian has been my distribution of choice since 2001, when some old powerpc boxes were saved from the scrap heap by installing Debian. Now, it is in use on a web server, back up server, and soon to be running a samba and ldap environment.

Now, I'd like to give something back to the community by starting a dictionary/glossary page. Any suggestions and guidance is welcome. In the meantime, I'll kick off the page with ?DebianDictionary and see where it goes.

Update: 5 June 2008 As you can see in the comments, the ?DebianDictionary page has been removed and I am just now getting back to this little project. I will be using the Glossary page instead and hope to start on that in the next few weeks (still have a major paper/project to get done).

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Hello Matt,

I've removed the page ?DebianDictionary :

Hi Franklin, Thanks for the notification. I will add the debian-women entries to the glossary page in the next few weeks. If interested, you can follow the progress of this effort on the debian-doc mailing list, startinghereand continuinghere.