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One of the seeming rare folks who did not find out about this from DebianPlanet.

I have been a Linux user since 1994 although I primarily use ?FreeBSD now as my current workstation is incapable of running Linux without kernel oopses on boot. Not fun. I first used Slackware then switched to Redhat back when rpm was God's gift to packaging tools. I did try Debian (bo) at one stage however the CD I had with it was broken and XFree86 refused to install. I needed that, so stuck with Redhat until the time they started treating me and a dozen or so others as free technical support for their broken distribution while they journeyed around the countryside advocating people to buy "their" products and invest in their company.

Luckily this coincided with a well-needed reinstall and upgrade of my PC, and being somewhat of a OS junkie, and having heard so many good things from my contacts with ISP mailing lists, ?WindowMaker, CLUG and so forth about Debian I installed slink, and haven't looked back. Now all my friends and business associates also have been converted to the one true Linux distribution.

What impressed me was not just the thousands of packages with unbroken dependencies, but the DebianPolicy and the fact that there was a responsible person making sure each package was the best it could possibly be. Not bad for a volunteer effort considering the shonky rubbish commercial distributions pass off.

I'm currently trying to find the time to package xsession, a nifty xsm replacement. If someone beats me to it, all well and good. I am NotYetADebianDeveloper.