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   * perhaps package https://github.com/poljar/weechat-matrix instead    * perhaps package https://github.com/poljar/weechat-matrix instead - [[https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=968068|ITP]]


This page lists Matrix-related software, and their status in Debian. Please feel free to package any of the software listed on this page that hasn't already been packaged or ITPed!


Packaging team uses Salsa with a mailing list.

Discussion about Matrix packaging takes place in #debian-matrix:matrix.org (logs).

Some useful notes will be on in official blog. If you are subscribed to Planet Debian you will see them there.

You may find some useful information about using of Salsa for packaging of software in the Debian Science Policy Manual. All rules about level of access, creation of git repositories and such like are similar in both teams. Just have in mind the specifics of our team (another group on Salsa, another mailing list, etc.).

Clients (available in Debian repositories)

Clients (not available yet)

  • Riot: no package nor ITP yet (RFP)

    • depends on a lot of ?JavaScript packages that are not yet in Debian, including

      • velocity (note: Riot uses a patched version)
    • E2E also depends on ?JavaScript version of olm, which is not buildable in Debian yet (see below)

    • desktop version depends on Electron, which is not yet in Debian
  • fractal: ITP

    • some Rust crates have been packaged; help in packaging the rest is welcome
  • gomuks: no package nor ITP yet

  • fest: no package nor ITP yet

    • requires rust nightly, so probably can't be packaged yet
  • weechat plugin: no package nor ITP yet

  • nachat: no package nor ITP yet -- seems to be abandoned upstream

  • Circle:

    • backend packaged

    • frontend packaging WIP
    • Matrix backend packaging started


  • synapse: in Debian/Git

  • dendrite: no package nor ITP yet (probably not stable enough to be uploaded, but initial packaging investigation could be done. However, dh-make-golang dies on it)

    • can use kafka, which is not in Debian RFP

  • ruma: no package nor ITP yet (probably not stable enough to be uploaded, but initial packaging investigation could be done)

  • mx1sd: (identity server) no package nor ITP yet (RFP for mxisd)