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 * [[https://matrix.org/git/olm|olm]]: [[https://bugs.debian.org/847566|ITP]], currently in NEW  * [[https://matrix.org/git/olm|olm]]: [[https://packages.debian.org/source/sid/olm|in Debian]]


This page lists Matrix-related software, and their status in Debian.


Packaging team uses Alioth with a mailinglist.

Discussion about Matrix packaging takes place in #debian-matrix:matrix.org.


  • purple-matrix: in Debian sid

  • Riot: no package nor ITP yet (RFP)

    • depends on a lot of node packages that are not yet in Debian, including React

    • also depends on ?JavaScript version of olm, which is not buildable in Debian yet (see below)

    • build-depends on npm > 2, which is not in Debian

    • desktop version depends on Electron, which is not yet in Debian
  • quaternion: ITP/Git, currently in NEW

  • nheko: ITP/Git, currently in NEW

  • weechat plugin: no package nor ITP yet. Has known performance issues.

  • nachat: no package nor ITP yet -- seems to be abandoned upstream