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Page is quite outdated, I am a DD since a few years ago :)

My name is Martín Ferrari [mugshot], I live in argentina, and I'm in the NM queue. [status]

My packages

Packages already uploaded:

Comaintained packages:

My qa page.

Packages being worked on:

  • qc-usb -- Source code for ?QuickCam Express kernel module and utility programs.

  • camstream -- camstream -- Collection of tools for webcams and other video-devices

Bug reports

As I'm trying to collect data on my work on debian, this is the list of bugs I could find in google in which I'm the submitter or have contributed somehow (Not including bugs related to my packages). Many of them are stupid, but I think I learned with time :)

OK, there are too many already!

As submitter:





uptimes project was shut down

14 Sep 2001, I think this is my first bug


vim doesn't work when xbase-clients isn't installed


kivio: Cannot install kivio, conflicts with different versions of python


jserv: Problems building jserv


pytris: Installation fails because /var/games didn't exist


sasl2-bin: saslauthd mem size grows too much


vim-gtk: vim segfaults when entering xim insert mode


Linked with wrong libpng


jadetex: Instalation fails, reporting as requested


samba: smbd doesn't work when used from inetd (in my machine)


kernel-patch-xfs: conflicts with kernel-patch-2.4-lowlatency under 2.4.18


apt-cacher: Should not depend on apache


movixmaker-2: Doesn't work without libgtk2-perl


winbind: Segfaults in apache when using winbind


proftpd: bad default configuration


xdslusb-source: PVC data is missing when using kernel 2.4.27


[Fixed in CVS HEAD for 1.4.2] Incorrect positioning of comments marks when not using 100% view zoom


libc6: Missing funcions in libresolv


libpoe-perl: Incorrect handling of undocumented UNIX socket support in POE::Component::Server::TCP



cdbs: Shell arguments not protected


libsub-uplevel-perl: Unchecked string comparison yields lots of warnings - makes packages FTBFS

RC patch NMU


x11-common should conflict with libxft-dev as they have colliding files


gnome-blog: Spanish translation seems done with babelfish

patch i18n


xchat-common: Errors in spanish translation

patch i18n


gcc-4.1: [hppa][mips] gcc produces wrong code under -O2


evolution: Evolution displays an empty error message with LANG=es_AR.UTF-8



Unexpected font change in libgd2, makes libgd-gd2-perl FTBFS and changes font visual aspect


libmusicbrainz-2.1: infinite loop when www.musicbrainz.org is down


tar: -l option changed meaning, without any warning!


Wrong es translation in http://www.debian.org/Bugs/server-control.es.html



planner: Planner crashes when using fixed times


tomcat5: Different behaviour with kaffe and sun's jvm


Strange problem wrt phpmyadmin configuration


valgrind: Valgrind doesn't know about ENTER instruction


ferm: Incomplete migration instructions


trac: Trac installs invalid default permissions on anonymous user


manpages-dev: Incorrect return type in posix_openpt(3)


libc6-dev: posix_openpt needs #define _XOPEN_SOURCE 600


mrtg: MRTG doesn't handle additional mibs when not using SMNPv3


initramfs-tools: Missing dependency on correct coreutils


jabber uses nonstandard places for init-related configuration


gnome-games: Wrong tip in the blackjack bottom bar


blackjack: various issues


gotmail doesn't seem to support the "Windows Live" version of Hotmail


gotmail: Gotmail cannot retrieve mail: infinite loop


Not as submitter:





Error activating XKB message, no functionality lost


ITP: libgd-barcode-perl -- Create barcode image with GD

helping an ITP


For Sun JRE, .systemRoot prefernces tree should be moved to /etc


linux-headers-2.6.12-1-686: Doesn't provide correct module installation directory, needs LOCALVERSION override


zaptel-source: zaptel modules cannot be found once installed


vmstat reports 0 for in and cs


libtest-warn-perl: FTBFS: failed tests

RC (solved with my #363009 patch)


uscan: warning message printed on every run



libtest-mockobject-perl: FTBFS: failed tests

RC (solved with my #363009 patch)


libtest-class-perl: FTBFS: failed test

RC patch NMU


lilo package don't finish this setting up

RC not-a-bug


ITA: dcd -- Command-line CD player

Failed ITA (somebody did't used WNPP and uploaded directly)


perl: FTBFS on MIPS/hppa

RC - blocking over 60 packages


lilo: creates devices in postinstall with mknod not MAKEDEV

RC patch NMU


net-tools: route fails to set routes..... causes ip-up to fail

RC not-a-bug same as #375192


ifupdown: ifup fails to set up routes leaving the server only reachable via a console server

RC not-a-bug


courier-authdaemon: socket directory should have 750 permissions

RC patch NMU


libgd-gd2-perl: [FTBFS]



tla: FTBFS on arm, sparc, ia64, hppa

RC patch


tomboy: file conflict with gnome-commander

RC downgraded


linux-kernel-headers: tightvnc_1.2.9-15(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: compile errors

RC not-a-bug


multiple buffer overflows in libmusicbrainz

RC security patch


(speedy-cgi-perl) FTBFS: error: expected ';' before '{' token


bittornado-gui: Can reproduce bug *in Debian*


gnome-games: Manpages for aisleriot and blackjack Package: gnome-games



net-tools: ifconfig doesn't report PROMISC status of network interface



apt-listchanges: /etc/apt/listchanges.conf default to which=news but manpage says which=both



Work in progress


This is what this page used to say :)

Hi. This is my first wiki page ever.

My name is Martin Ferrari, Debian user and administrator in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I'm a friend of Marga.