Markrian's User Page

Yes, I used to be a dirty, dirty Gentoo user. Having since seen the light, I am 'upgrading' all the computers I can find to Debian!

What do I mean by 'seen the light'? This: I got lazy. I became absolutely sick and tired of waiting for things to compile, even though most of the time I just want to try stuff out. Whilst Gentoo and Portage have come a long way, APT is without a shadow of a doubt a superior package management system. debconf regularly makes me weep for those who still have to deal with all conifugration by hand.

Now, Gentoo is still an excellent distribution. The commuity is still the most friendly I have ever come across, and the documentation is excellent. Also, having used Gentoo for nearly two years (that's a lot of compiling time and .conf file editing!), Debian is so beautifully easy and intuitive to me that I cannot use anything else. In fact, I fail to even see why people claim Debian is hard to install!

Anyway, that's quite enough from me.

Of course feel free to leave a message here for me, or correct any typos/spelling errors of mine (though please leave a note of what errors you fixed - otherwise I'll never learn ;).