This page is consist of work done by Manas Kashyap in Google Summer of Code for the year 2020 under Debian in Android SDK Tools in Debian

Initial Project Aim

The end goal of the project was to make the entire Android toolchain and SDK tools available in Debian archives. So that a user can develop android apps using only free software and easy to use Debian packages.

Overview of the work done

In these 3 months of time, I worked on the updation of packages, resolving some bugs as well. The packages list will be listed down which I upgraded and resolved the error.
The Kotlin Issue was looked after by Samyak and Gradle updation by Raman.
All the work that we did during this period was tracked as an issue on salsa.

Tasks Completed during GSoC 2020 including the Community Bonding period and Coding period.

1. Update android-platform-external-libselinux. Commit Link
2. Updated android-platform-external-libunwind. Commit Link
3. Updated android-platform-external-jsilver . Merge Request Link
4. Update wala and fixed the BUG 955695 Commit Links
5. Update android-platform-tools-apksig . Merge Request Link
6. Packaged Android Emulator. Package Link
7. Migrating to python3 pidcat package. Merge Request Link
8. Update for android-ndk-installer. Merge Request Link

The above-mentioned packages are the work which has been completed, during this 3 months of time, I worked on many packages but they are stuck in between either due to Gradle or Kotlin as these packages are highly needed for new updation of many android-packages. Like the initial packaging of Bundletool has been started but it got stuck due to its need for latest Gradle and kotlin for packaging its one of the dependency that is protobuf-Gradle-plugin.
During this time i also worked on android-platform-system-core and android-platform-build. While working on android-platform-build I encountered that it has a dependency of android-platform-system-core and therefore when I started updating system-core, I had to move from GCC compiler to CLANG compiler which was used in upstream. Thanks to my mentors who helped me in this, but eventually we had to stop in the middle of the update as this was really a hectic task and mentors where figuring out the ways we could move forward with this package.
Therefore, I am planning to work on these stuck packages even after my GSoC period as soon as we have Gradle and Kotlin in Debian Archive which I think isn't that far thanks to my partners Raman and Samyak who are doing a great job in Gradle and Kotlin.

Link to my Salsa for the work I have done and Commits I worked on.

Weekly reports

I have written weekly reports for the duration of coding period and community bonding period. They can be found below:
Community bonding period
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5 and 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12

Android Tools Team BoF at Debconf20

An Android tools team BoF was hosted for the first time during Debconf. I participated and discussed the current status of my project and also discussed the future of Android packages along with fellow members of the team and my GSoC partners Samyak Jain and Raman Sarda.

To sum up my journey of GSoC, this was really fun with lots of learning and as a Debian Contributor, I plan to contribute and work with the team in the upcoming time too.