Well... This must be my first Wiki-page. It really is cool. And wierd.

If you want to know something about me, read on; My name is Jakob Kjaer Pedersen. I'm a dane. And yes - that means I'm a viking (or wiking?)... I'm about 22 years old, and lives in the 5th (afaik) biggest city in Denmark also known as Aalborg. I use Debian GNU/Linux (Sid) for my everyday work. I am a student at Aalborg University where i study Computer Engineering. I also work at Aalborg University where I write programs for the administrators - this is done in everything from Perl, C++, Deplhi, SQL (?PostGresQL) and Java. Well. I guess I'll continue this story another day. Have fun!

You should check out ?GuruNet and <a href="http://makob.dk">makob.dk</A>