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If a renaming take place, will there be also a reform of the membership ? And which will come first ?

Perhap's the documentation needs to be updated to match the new definitions we're now using for those titles. But that should only be done if and when there's consensus on what the titles now mean.

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Proposition of changes

Here is a list of words or expressions used in official documentation needing disambiguation

Package maintainer

Someone who maintains a package without being in a keyring.

choice 1 : Package maintainer

choice 1 : Sponsored maintainer

Debian Maintainer (DM)

could be renamed

choice 1 : Debian Maintainer

choice 2 : Debian Uploader

choice 3 : Debian Contributor

Debian Member

choice 1 : Debian Member

choice 2 : Debian Developper

Debian developer (DD)

choice 1 : Debian developer

New maintainer's process (NM)

choice 1 : New Developer

New Debian maintainer

choice 1 : New Debian Developer

Debian New Maintainers' Guide

NM frontdesk

NM committee

Documentation needing update

process needing update