MPlayer is a powerful multimedia player and more - It plays almost anything from RealPlayer to avi.

Also it has an Encoder shipped with it ?MEncoder, which is very powerful.

Building your own package by yourself for Debian is easy, though, precompiled debs are available for x86, amd64 and ppc at

There is a MPlayer plug-in for Mozilla.

See also: MPlayer

Mplayer in Debian

See the Debian mplayer FAQ for some background information about the Mplayer in Debian saga.

The proposed source package has been stripped from at least encrypted DVD playback and mencoder.

In September 2006, there was an update and summary on the case on debian-devel.

The package landed in Debian Sid on October 26th 2006, this was one of the longest ITP (a little more than five years).