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 * [[https://wiki.debian.org/Multimedia#Media_players|Media players]]  * [[Multimedia#Media_players|Media players]]

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MPlayer is a powerful multimedia player and more - It plays almost anything from CD/DVD and the like, to container formats, such as avi, mp4 or ogg, it also plays many different audio and video formats, it has supports for subtitles and can play streaming formats, and many others. It has a useful and powerful companion for video encoding called mencoder.

There is a MPlayer plug-in for Iceweasel, gecko-mediaplayer.

Debian also ships mpv, which is a more recent fork of MPlayer (actually a fork of MPlayer2 which was in turn a fork of MPlayer).

Front ends

MPlayer has many independently developed GUIs:

Binary codecs (optional)

MPlayer can use binary codecs to extend support for file formats, see MultimediaCodecs.


  • Render video as ASCII art: mplayer -vo caca MyFile.mpg or mplayer -vo aa MyFile.mpg

See also

Debian-specific information

Upstream specific information

Other information

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