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For a full list of MIDI software, see the Multimedia page.

MIDI file MIME types are audio/x-midi, audio/x-mid, and audio/midi. The file extensions are .mid, .midi.

Timidity is a MIDI and Karaoke (.kar) player. Install the timidity and timidity-interfaces-extra packages, and run the program with the interface of your choice:

timidity -ia #text interface
timidity -ig #gtk interface
timidity -ik #tcl/tk interface

The fluid-soundfont-gs fluid-soundfont-gm vlc-plugin-fluidsynth packages allow you to play MIDI files in any Gstreamer-based media player or VLC. Right-click a .mid or .kar file in your FileManager, Open with..., select the /usr/bin/timidy program, and change its command line to '/usr/bin/timidity' -ia


See the MidiHardware page to connect a musical instrument to your computer using MIDI.

MIDI systems

MIDI playback and recording is supported by the following systems and sound servers:

CategorySound CategoryFileFormat