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 * [http://www.linuxgazette.com/issue15/midi.html Linux and MIDI: In the beginning...].  * [http://www.linuxgazette.com/issue15/midi.html Linux and MIDI: In the beginning...].
* [http://www.kibosh.org/pykaraoke wiki:Self:PyKaraoke] MIDI/CDG Karaoke player for Linux
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 * TestMidi.  * [http://unixmidiplugin.tripod.com/midiSamplePage.html MIDI test page].


The ["MIME"] types are

  • audio/x-midi
  • audio/x-mid
  • audio/midi

and the file extensions


You can use ["Timidity"] to easily play MIDI and ["karaoke"] files in Linux and ["Mozilla"].


Store a midi file in your home directory. Open ["Nautilus"] and right click in the midi file. Select "Open with" (other application) or in Properties go to "Open with". Select Timidity in /usr/bin. Appears the text:


Change it to

 '/usr/bin/timidity' -ia

Now, every time you click in a midi file, timidity is going to play it.

You can use a similar procedure for *.kar (open karaoke) files.


Go to Edit Preferences Advance and in "System preferences" mark the box "Use the system preferences" (if you have ["timidity"] installed in your Gnome system).

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