Since m68k isn't a release candidate for lenny, we're forced to roll our own in terms of a testing distribution if we were to have one. Since having a testing distribution allows for easier debugging of packages (by seeing if and where an upgrade breaks the distribution), and allowing power users to use a more up-to-date release then the current aging etch-m68k.

Current Situation

As per the RM, due to the fact that m68k doesn't have TLS support, we are no longer a release candidate for lenny, which means we no longer have a testing distribution, leaving any user stranded with the very dated etch-m68k, or unstable. Until we have sufficient autobuilder power to build etch-m68kr4, any users of this port are effectively "stuck". As a response to this, a non-official testing distribution has been setup

Current Testing Setup is hosting the current version of testing; it is created dymanically using the britney scripts, rsync, debmirror, and a few other tools. It is also hosting a copy of the package script at, and hosting a binary only mirror of unstable and testing. helios, the machine hosting both the mirror and the testing scripts rebuilds the package files once a day, and it also runs the full version of dak to prove an Incoming server (see [?DebianM68kEtchUpdate]).

What works

What doesn't

Uploading packages to testing