This page attempts to track the current issues of the Debian/m68k Linux port. Mailing list is at and more information can be found in this Wiki under M68k and M68k/Porting.


Get an Aranym/Quick image (sid from ca. 2008/2009 with libc 2.7) and put an updated M68k/Cowbuilder chroot on it. The status of everything else is unknown, however, you can probably install the etch-m68k snapshot. But if you wanted to dig out that you wouldn’t be here, right?


Some packages are in unreleased, not in unstable, because they need m68k-local patches. For some, this is because maintainers keep unstable frozen during the squeeze/testing freeze in order to be able to upload fixes via unstable. For some, this is a collection of patches or workarounds that are not, or will not be, included in the proper Debian packages. Once installed, however, it’s fine to work from unstable only (unless you want to hack the packages from unreleased).



Not in sid, but probably works. No TLS support.


Both -fomit-frame-pointer and -foptimize-sibling-calls (default) produce broken code. No TLS support.


Seems to work pretty well. Has TLS backport.


Not ported. Has TLS upstream.

core system


eglibc-2.11 with TLS backport is used. Current issues: