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This page attempts to track the current issues of the Debian/m68k Linux port. Mailing list is at and more information can be found in this Wiki under M68k and M68k/Porting.


Read M68k/Installing for a list of all possible ways.

Quick start: Get an Aranym/Quick image (sid from April 2012) and update it. Once you have it running, grab a /var/cache/pbuilder/base.cow at M68k/Cowbuilder or run “cowbuilder --create” with the appropriate options yourself or install sbuild.


The first batch of buildds is working since Christmas 2012, thanks to ?IngoJuergensmann and WouterVerhelst.


Wouter is working to get d-i into shape again, see M68k/Installing.


Some packages are in Debian unofficial ports unreleased, not in unstable, because they need m68k-local patches. For some, this is because maintainers keep unstable frozen during the squeeze/testing freeze in order to be able to upload fixes via unstable. For some, this is a collection of patches or workarounds that are not, or will not be, included in the proper Debian packages. Once installed, however, it’s fine to work from unstable only (unless you want to hack the packages from unreleased).


We’re using gcc-4.6 for almost everything now. The eglibc source package manually selects gcc-4.4.


Works, has TLS backport.


Ported, default compiler. Contains patches for atomic builtins, and quite some others.

gcj-4.6 is just gcc-4.6 re-uploaded with a differing source package name, so it uses the same patches as gcc-4.6 does.

gnat-4.6 works, as patched in unreleased. (The patch set is approximately the same, modulo Ada maintainers’ changes.)

Known bugs:

* ICE in cselib_record_set, at cselib.c:2158 or thereabouts (adding -O1 usually helps, sometimes -O0)

* ICE in fixup_reorder_chain, at cfglayout.c:880 or thereabouts (adding -O0 seems to help) (fixed in gcc-4.6 4.6.3-14+m68k.3 in unreleased and in 4.6.3-15 in sid)


Builds. Not really tested/used.

gcj-4.7 FTBFS.


Does not work.

core system


We have Linux 3.2 unchanged from Debian wheezy/sid.

Right now, 3.2.0-4 (ABI), 3.2.35-2 (package) is available. The lowest version you really want is 3.2.32-1+m68k.1 (unreleased) or 3.2.35-1 (unstable).

Amiga: Ingo says the stock kernels (3.2.0-4-amiga) work for him on several machines. Cyberstorm Mk1 & Blizzard 060 SCSI support seems to be missing.

Atari: The stock kernels work on ARAnyM, but lack Ethernet drivers on real hardware that aren’t in mainline yet but only on Geert’s branch (they might end up in Linux 3.9 though). The kernels may not work on an Atari TT (see the mailing list for information about that).

Macintosh: no feedback yet.

VME: no feedback yet.


Most outstanding issues are apparently fixed now. We still seem to have invalid locale files leading to lots of segfaults building some d-i package.


Fixed, works.


rsyslog works now, though you might still want to use sysklogd ;-)


Seems to work now, too; apt-get is still better, but pbuilder-satisfydepends-aptitude is usable and does not suffer from #695076 which made building KDE packages impossible.