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This page attempts to track the current issues of the Debian/m68k Linux port. Mailing list is at and more information can be found in this Wiki under M68k and M68k/Porting.


Get an Aranym/Quick image (sid from July 2011) and update it. Stephen Marenka’s sid ISO installer image is reported to work as well. The status of everything else is unknown, however, you can probably install the etch-m68k snapshot. But if you wanted to dig out that you wouldn’t be here, right?

Once you have it running, grab a /var/cache/pbuilder/base.cow at M68k/Cowbuilder (already included on the dc11m68k.tgz image).


Thorsten tries to get an ARAnyM one up. Ingo is upgrading Vivaldi (Amiga). None are running at the moment yet, though (builds are still done manually).


Wouter is working to get d-i into shape again. His first results were announced at DebConf 11.


Some packages are in unreleased, not in unstable, because they need m68k-local patches. For some, this is because maintainers keep unstable frozen during the squeeze/testing freeze in order to be able to upload fixes via unstable. For some, this is a collection of patches or workarounds that are not, or will not be, included in the proper Debian packages. Once installed, however, it’s fine to work from unstable only (unless you want to hack the packages from unreleased).


We’re using gcc-4.6 for almost everything now. The eglibc source package manually selects gcc-4.4.


Works, has TLS backport. gcj-4.4 should work.


Not ported. Has TLS upstream. Will not be ported, we’ll be switching from gcc-4.4 directly to gcc-4.6 when the time is right; wheezy will not be released with gcc-4.5 anyway.


Ported, default compiler. Contains patches for atomic builtins.

gcj-4.6 works nowadays; no special patches yet.

gnat-4.6 works, but doesn’t know how to build shared libraries.


Builds. Not really tested/used.

gcj-4.7 FTBFS.

core system


We have Linux 3.2 unchanged from Debian wheezy/sid.

More and more code uses atomics, which are implemented using a syscall nowadays, which until recently was broken. You need a fixed kernel, possibly self-built.

Amiga: Ingo says the stock kernels work for him.

Atari: The stock kernels work on ARAnyM, but lack Ethernet drivers on real hardware that aren’t in mainline yet but only on Geert’s branch (they might end up in Linux 3.6 though).

Macintosh: no feedback yet.

VME: no feedback yet.


Most outstanding issues are apparently fixed now. We still seem to have invalid locale files leading to lots of segfaults building some d-i package.


Fixed, works.


rsyslog seems broken, but sysklogd works. (TODO: retry whether rsyslog works now.)


Broken (again), use apt-get and pbuilder-satisfydepends-classic instead.