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 * ["m68kLennyReleaseRecertification"]
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== xargs (dh_fixperms) ==

 * update 2006-07-31: fails on 2.2.x kernels, requeue on buildd with newer kernel.
 * We've routed around this by upgrading all our buildds.

 * Looks something like

{{{> > dh_fixperms
> > chown: cannot access
> > `dedebian/libcommoncpp2-dev/usr/include/cc++2/cc++/common.h': No such file
> > or directory chown: cannot access `TERM=unknown': No such file or directory
> > dh_fixperms: command returned error code}}}

 * The offending command in dh_fixperms is {{{find debian/caudium -print0 2>/dev/null | xargs -0r chown --no-dereference 0:0}}}, with xargs being the culprit
 * Workaround: build under kernel 2.4 or better
 * debian bug #336461 (findutils/xargs) seems suspiciously similar
 * similar problem?
     * packagesearch_2.0.5: Built fine on aahz (with 2.6.14), but failed on tanda (with 2.2.25):
        strip --remove-section=.comment --remove-section=.note debian/packagesearch/usr/bin/packagesearch
        strip: Unable to recognise the format of the input file `debian/packagesearch/usr/bin/packagesearch'
        dh_strip: command returned error code 256

This page tracks current issues with the [http://www.us.debian.org/ports/m68k/ m68k] port. User support and buildd admins are at debian-68k@lists.debian.org.

Other Places


  • [#etch etch status]
  • [#testing testing status]
  • [#usertags usertags]
  • [#rcusertags RC usertags]
  • [#bugs bugs that need work]
  • [#binnmu binNMU instructions]


Etch-m68k Status

  • m68k didn't release with debian stable, but rather has it's own semi-supported, semi-released distribution called etch-m68k.
  • Right now there is no security or proposed-updates type support for etch-m68k, but it is in the works.
  • The good news is it works fine.


Testing Status

  • m68k isn't even in lenny at the moment since the RMs felt the toolchain needs work.
  • glibc needs TLS support.
  • The m68k-specific patches for gcc-4.2 cleaned up.
  • Submit gcc-snapshot test results.

Testing Links


m68k usertags

{{{To: control@bugs.debian.org Subject: m68k usertags

user m68k-build@nocrew.org usertag bugnum + m68k thanks }}}


m68k rc usertags



time-stamp skew

  • A missing automake build-dep may instead be time-stamp skew.
  • Search for skew in /usr/share/doc/autotools-dev/README.Debian.gz


binNMU notes

  • example to register dpkg_1.13.11 for a dpkg_1.13.11+b1 binNMU:

wanna-build -b m68k/build-db -d unstable -m "Rebuild with g++-4.0 for C++ +transition." --binNMU=1 dpkg_1.13.11

  • --binNMU=2 for second binNMU.
  • example to deregister any pending binNMU and return to Installed state:

wanna-build -b m68k/build-db -d unstable --binNMU=0 dpkg_1.13.11

Build Priority Notes

  • example usage to set one-time higher build-priority

wanna-build -b i386/build-db -d unstable --build-priority=1 xorg-x11_6.8.2.dfsg.1-7

  • example usage to set one-time lower build-priority

wanna-build -b i386/build-db -d unstable --build-priority=-1 xorg-x11_6.8.2.dfsg.1-7

  • For permanent build priorities, use --perm-build-priority instead of --build-priority

Not-For-Us Notes

  • to remove something from the not-for-us list, use --forget.
  • to move it from n-f-u to nb, use --forget, -o --take, --give-back.