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Debian porters met in Kiel, Germany, with a steering meeting on 31 August 2008. These are the initial meeting notes, hopefully they will get fleshed out over time.

cts, wouter, smarenka, joey, csc, and rz attended in person. Notably schmitz and geertu attended on irc (along with some other folks). Notably absent: NCommander/mcasadevall. We had a webcam and an additional time-delayed ogg audio stream. The whole thing was taped and that videostream will be available later.

Many thanks to cts for hosting this great event.


  • We haven't fully agreed whether a hybrid m68k/coldfire port makes sense.
  • We generally agreed that we should pursue a debian-based bootstrap of something like base so that general coldfire porting can actually take place. Right now it's a bit of a mess.
  • rz is going to take cts's coldfire board with him.
  • Action: check with adconrad about his coldfire board.

aranym buildds

  • It was generally agreed that aranym buildds are desirable, however we want to always maintain real hardware as buildds and to support the port.


  • It looks like we're moving to debian-ports.
  • We would like to find a way to move back into sid at some point without rebuilding the whole archive.
  • Action: present to ftpmaster a suitable plan for archive control.

  • Archive control notes:
    • w-b and archive hosted on a dd-controlled machine.
    • archive signed uploads only by dd's.
    • dak maintainer is currently in nm queue.
    • ask for exemption.


  • It was generally agreed that a stable lenny would be nice.
  • (testing-security, testing-proposed-updates) => (stable-security, stable-proposed-updates)

    • cleanup archive differences
    • need working debootstrap
    • configure some buildds (nemesisnetworks?, zlin?)

dports notes

  • buildd changes
    • incoming passwords (chroot sources.list)
    • incoming (dupload)
    • buildd.conf (wb)
    • ssh known hosts
    • distro: unstable only for now
  • disable binary uploads to ftp-master
  • disable incoming passwords to ftp-master
  • disable buildd_m68k@b.d.o

  • sync unstable