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 1. [:AmayaRodrigo:Amaya Rodrigo] (all packages - lirc is a bit special, please ask first) - Comaintainers also welcome (including lirc)  1. [:AmayaRodrigo:Amaya Rodrigo] (all packages - except those already co-maintained) - Comaintainers welcome

It is sometimes claimed that the strong ownership of packages by their maintainers is detrimental to Debian's progress in cases when a maintainer can't, for whatever reason, fix a problem speedily. The ["NMU"] procedure takes a long time, at least about two weeks, depending on the value of "some".

The maintainers listed below declare that their packages (all, or the ones listed specifically below) may be fixed and uploaded without delay, at any time, as long as the NMU procedure in the Debian Developer's Reference is otherwise followed. You don't need to contact the maintainers beforehand, and you don't need to use a delayed upload queue. If the package maintainer is active, it is polite to let them have a stab at fixing the problem first.

Every change should be to fix a reported bug. Changes should not be frivolous. For example, don't change from debhelper to cdbs just because you prefer it that way; if you really want to make such big changes to the package, talk with the maintainer first, and maybe offer to adopt the package.

This list is utterly and totally opt-in. The above relaxation of time limits does not apply to anyone else's packages.

(We are trying to merge the info that was on ComaintainersAreWelcome on this page. The state of this action can be verified and discussed on ["LowThresholdNmu/Discussion"] --NelsonOliveira)

Please keep the alphabetical according to first and last name.

  1. [:Tolimar:Alexander Schmehl] (all packages)

  2. [:AlexandreFayolle: Alexandre Fayolle] (all packages)

  3. [:AmayaRodrigo:Amaya Rodrigo] (all packages - except those already co-maintained) - Comaintainers welcome

  4. [:aba:Andi Barth] (all except the "basic ones", i.e. iproute (until the takeover finally takes place), libapache-mod-dav, for mgetty please ask first, for netpbm-free please make sure you don't do copyright violations as upstream is a bit lazy, for dpkg-sig that's HE's domain) - Comaintainers welcome
  5. [:AriPollak:Ari Pollak] (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome

  6. [:ArjanOosting:Arjan Oosting] (all packages)

  7. Baruch Even ([http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=baruch@debian.org all packages]) - Comaintainers welcome

  8. Christoph Berg ([http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=myon@debian.org all packages])

  9. Clément Stenac (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome
  10. [:ColinWatson:Colin Watson] (all packages except base-passwd) - Comaintainers welcome including base-passwd

  11. Daniel Ruoso (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome
  12. [:DonArmstrong:Don Armstrong] (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome

  13. [:EnricoZini:Enrico Zini] (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome

  14. [:ErichSchubert:Erich Schubert] (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome

  15. Falk Hueffner (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome
  16. [:FlorianErnst:Florian Ernst] (all packages)

  17. [:FrankThomas:Frank S. Thomas] (all packages)

  18. [:FredericPeters:Frederic Peters] (all packages)

  19. [:GaudenzSteinlin:Gaudenz Steinlin] (all packages, advance notices for me to comment welcome) - Comaintainers welcome

  20. Guilherme de S. Pastore (all packages)
  21. [:GunnarWolf:Gunnar Wolf] (all packages)

  22. [:GustavoFranco:Gustavo Franco] (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome

  23. Gustavo Noronha (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome
  24. [:HolgerLevsen:Holger Levsen] (all packages except fai-kernels) - Comaintainers welcome

  25. [:jbailey:Jeff Bailey] (all packages except glibc) - Comaintainers welcome
  26. [:Jeroen:Jeroen van Wolffelaar] (all packages)

  27. Joachim Breitner (all packages except gaim-thinklight)
  28. Joe Wreschnig (all packages)
  29. [:JoeyHess:Joey Hess] (all packages)

  30. JonasSmedegaard (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome, and please change from anything to cdbs!

  31. [:JonDowland:Jon Dowland] (all packages)

  32. [:JoostDamad:Joost Damad] (all packages)

  33. Josselin Mouette (all packages but libpng, for GNOME ask on #gnome-debian@?GimpNet first)

  34. Julien Danjou (all packages)
  35. [:KevinMcCarty:Kevin ?McCarty] (cfortran,feynmf,viewglob,wmakerconf,wmakerconf-data)

  36. [:LarsWirzenius:Lars Wirzenius] (all packages)

  37. Marc Brockschmidt (all packages)
  38. Marcus Better (all packages)
  39. [:marga:Margarita Manterola] (all packages - Comaintainers welcome)
  40. Martin Zobel-Helas (all packages, 48h pre-notice for package DCC please)
  41. Matej Vela (all packages)
  42. Matt Brubeck (all packages - Comaintainers welcome)
  43. [:MattKraai:Matt Kraai] (all packages - Comaintainers welcome)

  44. Matthew Garrett (all packages)
  45. [:MichaelBanck: Michael Banck] (all packages)

  46. Mohammed Adnène Trojette (all packages)
  47. Moray Allan (all packages)
  48. Moritz Muehlenhoff (all packages)
  49. [:Werner:Morten Werner Olsen] (all packages)

  50. [:NeilMcGovern:Neil ?McGovern] (all packages)

  51. [:NelsonOliveira:Nelson A. de Oliveira] (all packages - Comaintainers are welcome)

  52. [:OtavioSalvador:Otavio Salvador] (all packages - Comaintainers are welcome)

  53. [:PaulWise:Paul Wise] (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome

  54. [:PerOlofsson:Per Olofsson] (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome

  55. [:PierreHabouzit:Pierre Habouzit] (all non KDE packages, for KDE ones, ask debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org) - Comaintainers welcome

  56. [:RaphaelHertzog:Raphael Hertzog] (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome

  57. [:nchip:Riku Voipio] (all packages which are not already groupmaintained)
  58. Robert Jordens ([http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=jordens all packages]) - Comaintainers welcome

  59. Robert Lemmen (all packages)
  60. Roger Leigh (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome
  61. Ross Burton (all packages)
  62. [:RyszardLach:Ryszard Łach] (all packages)

  63. [:RussAllbery:Russ Allbery] (all packages not group-maintained, heads-up welcome so that I can comment)

  64. [:SamHocevar:Sam Hocevar] (all non group-maintained packages) - break VLC or ffmpeg and die

  65. [:SteveKemp:Steve Kemp] (all packages) - Comaintainers also welcome

  66. [:SteinarGunderson:Steinar H. Gunderson] (all packages except the ones I'm also upstream for, ie. pkgsync and amoeba)

  67. [:SvenMueller:Sven Müller] (spampd,nslint) - Comaintainers also welcome

  68. Thijs Kinkhorst (all packages)
  69. Thomas Viehmann (all packages)
  70. [:ToddTroxell:Todd Troxell] (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome

  71. [:TorstenWerner:Torsten Werner] (all packages) - Comaintainers welcome

  72. [:ZakElep:Zak Elep] (all packages)

  73. [:PeterVanEynde: Peter Van Eynde] (all packages) if possible please send darcs patches