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abbreviations ABC ability able abort about above abroad absence absent absolute absolutely abuse accept acceptable accepted access accessible accessing accident accommodates accord account accounts accurately accuse accustom ache achieve acpi acpid acquire across act action actions activate activated activating active actively activities actor actress acts actual actually adapt adaptable add added adding addition additional additionally additions address adds adept admin administration administrator administrators admiration admire admission admit adopt adoption advance advanced advantage advantages adventure adventurous advertise advertising advice advise advised AES256 affair affairs affect affected affecting afford afraid after afternoon afterwards again against age agency agenda agent ago agree agriculture ahead aim air airplane airport Albanian alert algorithm alias aliases alike Alioth alive all allocate allocating allow allowance allowed allowing allows almost alone along aloud alpha alphabetical already also alternate alternately alternative alternatively alternatives although altogether always am ambiguous ambition ambitious AMD64 amend among amongst amount amuse an analogs analyses analyze anchor ancient and anger angle angry animal announce announced announcement annoy annoyance another answer answers anxiety anxious any anybody anyhow anymore anyone anything anyway anywhere Apache apart apcid apology apparently appear appearance append appendix applaud applause apple applicable application applications apply applying appoint approach approaches appropriate appropriately approve approved approximately April apt aptitude Arabic arch arches architecture architectures archive archives are area arguably argue arguments arise ARM arm armel army around arrange arrest arrival arrive arrow art article articles artificial artistic as ash ashamed Asia aside ask asking asleep aspect aspects assets assign assist associate associated association assume assumed assumes assumptions astonish asynchronously at atomic attached attaches attachment attack attempt attempting attend attention attentive attract attraction attractive attributes attribution auclibc audience audit August aunt Austria authenticate author authors auto autoconf automake automate automated automatic automatically autorelabel autumn auxiliary avail available avant avenue average avoid avoidance avoiding Awadhi awake aware away awkward axe

baby back backed background backports backslash backup backups backward bad badly bag baggage bake balance ball band bandwidth bank bar barber bare bargain barred barrel base based basic basically Basics basics basin basis basket batch bath bathe bathing battle bay baz be beak beam bean bear beard beast beat beauty because become becomes bed bedroom been before beforehand beg begin beginning behave behavior behaviour behind beige being belief believe bell belong belonging belongs below belt bend beneath beneficial Bengali berry beside besides best bet bets better between beyond Bhojpuri bicycle big bigger biggest bill bin binary bind binds binutils bioconductor bioinformatic bioinformatics bioperl bird birth bit bite bits bitter black blade blame blank blanket bleed bless blind block blog blood blow blue board boast boat body boil boilerplate bold bone book boolean boot bootable booted booting bootloader boots bootx border borrow Bosnian both bottle bottom bound boundary bow bowl box boxes boy brain branch brass brave bravery Brazil bread breadth break breakfast breaking breath breathe bribe bribery brick bridge bright brighten bring broad broadcast broader broken brother brown browser brush bucket bug bugs Bugzilla build building buildpackage builds built Bulgarian bullets bullseye bunch bundle bureau buried Burmese burn burst bury bus bush business businesslike businessman busy but butter button buy buying by bytes

cache cage cake calculate calculation calculator call called calls calm camera camp can canal cancel cannot cap capable cape capital captain car card cards care careful carefully carpet carriage carry cart case cases castle cat Catalan catch category cattle cause caution cautious cave cd cdbs cdimage cent center centers central centre centres century ceremony certain certainly certainty certificate cgi chain chair chairman chalk chance change changed changelog changes changing channel chapter character characters charge charger charm cheap cheat check checkbuilddeps checked checking checklist checkout checks cheer cheese cheetah chemistry chest chicken chief child childhood chimney Chinese chip chmod choice choices choose chose chosen Christmas chroot church circle circular cites citizen city civilize claim clarified clarify clarity class classic classification classified classify clause claws clay clean cleaned cleanly cleansing clear cleared clearly clerk clever click client clients cliff climb clinical clock clone clones close closed closes closing cloth clothe clothes cloud club clumsy coal coarse coast coat code codes coffee coin cold collaborate collaboration collar collect collected collection collector collects college Colombia colony color colors colorful colour colours colourful Columbia column com comb combine come comes comfort comfortable comma command commands commas comment comments commerce commercial commit committee common commonly Commons community compact companion companionship company comparable compare comparison compatibility compatible compete competition competitor compilation compile compiled compiles compiling complain complaint complete completely completing completion complex compliant complicate complicated complication components compose composition compromise computer computers computing concentrate concept concepts concern concise conclusion condition conf confess confession confidence confident confidential config configuration configurations configure configured confirmation confirmed confirms conflict conflicting conflicts confuse confusion congratulate congratulation connect connecting connection connections conquer conqueror conquest conscience conscious consider considered consist consistently consisting consists console consoles constant constructing consult contact contain containing contains content contents contest context contexts continue contrast contrib contribute control controls convenience convenient convention conversation conversion convert cook cookie cool coordinate coordinated coordination coordinator copies copper copy copying copyright core cores cork corn corner correct corrected correction corrections correctly correspond correspondent corresponding corresponds corruption cost costs cottage cotton cough could council count country couple courage course court cousin cover coverage covered cow coward cowardice cpan CPU crack crafted crash cream create created creates creating creation creature creep crime criminal criteria critic critical Croatian cron cronjob crop cross crowd crown crucial cruel crush cry cube cultivate cultivation cultivator cup cupboard cure curious curl current currently curse cursor curtain curve cushion custom customary customer customisations customizations customize customized cut cycles cycling Cyrillic

daemons dagger daily damage damp dance danger Daniel Danish dare dark darken dash dashes data database date daughter day daylight days db dd de dead deaf deafen deal dear death deb debconf debhelper Debian deborphan debt debugging debuild decay deceit deceive December decide decides decision decisions decisive declaration declare declares decrease dedicated deduce deed deemed deep deepen deer default defaults defeat defend defendant defense define defined defines definition definitively degree deity delay delegate delete deleted delicate delight deliver delivery demand deny department depend dependence dependencies dependency dependent depending depends depth descend descendant descent describe described describes describing description deselect deselected desert deserve design designed desire desired desk desktop despair despite destroy destruction destructive detail detailed details detected determine dev devel develop developed developer developers developing development device devices devil devpts dialog diamond dict dictionaries dictionary did die diff difference differences different differs difficult difficulty dig digitally digits dine dinner dip dire direct direction directly director directories directory dirt disable disabled disabling disagree disambiguation disappear disappearance disappoint disapprove discipline disciplines discomfort discontent discontinued discourages discover discovery discuss discussed discussion discussions disease disgust dish disk dismiss display displays disregard disrespect disruptive dissatisfaction dissatisfy dissipating dist distance distant distinction distinguish distribute distributed distribution distributions district disturb ditch dive diversion diversity divert diverted divide division do doc docs doctor document documentation documented documents does dog doing dollar dom domain domains done donkey door dossier dossiers dot double doubt down download downloaded downloading downloads dozen dpkg drag draw drawer dream dress drink drive driver drivers drop dropped drown drum dry dsc dual duck due dull dummy duplicate duplicating during dust Dutch duty dwarf dynamic

each eager ear earlier early earn earnest earth ease easier easiest easily east eastern easy eat echo edge edit editing editor edu educate education educator effect effective effectively efficiency efficient effort efforts egg Eiffel either elastic elder elect election electric electrician elegant elephant eliminated elite else elsewhere email embedded emit empire employ employee empty emulator en enable enabled enables enabling enclose enclosure encoded encounter encountered encourage encrypted encryption end ending endorsed endorsement ends enemy enforcing engine engineer English enjoy enough ensures enter entered entering entertain entire entirely entrance entries entry envelope environment environments envy equal Erlang error errors escape escaping especially Esperanto essence essential essentially establish estimation Estonian etc etch Europe evaluation even evening event events eventual eventually ever everlasting every everybody everyday everyone everything everywhere evil evolution exact exactly examine example examples exceeds excellence excellent except excepted exception excess excessive exchange excite exclude exclusions exclusive excuse excuses exec executable executables execute executed executes executing exercise exhaustive exim exist existence existing exists exit exonerate expand expanded expander expat expect expected expense expensive experience experienced experiment experimental experimented experts explain explode explore explosion explosive export express expressed expression ext2 ext3 extend extended extending extension extensions extensive extent external extra extract extracting extraordinary extreme eye eyes

face facing fact factory fade fail failed failing fails failure failures faint fair fairly faith fakeroot fall false FALSE fame familiar family famous fan fancy far farm Farsi fashion fast fasten faster fat fatal fate father fatten fattening fault favor favorite favourite fdisk fear feast feather feature features February fedora feed feel feeling fellow fellowship female fence fetch fever few fewer fi field fields fierce fight figure figured file filed filenames file-paths files fileutils filing fill filled film final finally find finding finds fine finger fingers finish finished fire Firefox firm firmware first fish fit fits five fix fixed fixes flag flags flame flash flat flatten flavor flawlessly flesh flexible float flood floor floppies floppy flour flow flower flux fluxbox fly fold folder follow followed following follows fond font fontpath fonts foo foobar food fool foot for forbid force forced forcing foreign forest forget forgive fork form formal format formatted former forth fortunate fortune forum forward found frame framework France free freedesktop freedom freeze French frequency frequent frequently fresh friend friendly friends friendship fright frighten from front front-end front-ends fruit fry fsck ftp fulfilled full fully fun function functional functionality functioning functions funeral funny fur furnish furniture further future

G3 gabber gaiety gain gained gallon game games gap garage garden gas gate gather gathers gave gay gcc gene general generally generate generated generation generous gentle gentleman Gentoo German Germany gesture get getopt gets getting gift girl give given gives glad glass global glory Gmail gnome Gnome GNU go goal goals goat god goes going gold golden good goods Google got gotten govern government governmental governor gpg grace gradual graft grain grammar grammatical grand graph graphical grass grateful grave gray grease great greater greatest greed green greet greets grep grepping grind ground group grouped groups grow growing growth grub grunt guard guess guest gui guide guidelines guilt Gujarati gun guy

habit hacking had hair Hakka Hal hal half hall hammer hand handkerchief handle handled handling handshake handwriting handy hang hanging happen happens happy harbor hard harden hardly hardware harm harvest has hash haste hasten Hat hat hate hatred have haven having hay he head headache headdress header headers heal health heap hear heard heart heat heaven heavenly heavy Hebrew height heighten held hello help helper helpful her here Hermann hesitate hesitation heuristic heuristics hexadecimal hibernate hidden hide high higher highlight highly highway hill him hinder Hindi hindrance hints hire his history hit hold holder holders hole holiday hollow holy home homecoming homemade homepage homework honest honesty honor hook hooked hooks hope horizon horizontal horse hospital host Host hosted hostname hot hotel hour house housebroken how however how-to html http https huge human humans humble hundreds Hungarian hunger hunt hurrah hurry hurt husband hut hyphen

I i386 i486 ia64 ice Iceweasel id idea ideal Ideally ideally ideals identical identified identify identity idle if ignore ignored ignores ill image images imaginary imaginative imagine Imaging img imitate imitation immediate immediately immense implementation Implementation implicitly importance important importantly imported impossible impression improve improved in inability inch incidence include included includes including inclusion inclusive incoming incompatibility incompatible incomplete inconsistent incorrect incorrectly increase indeed indented independent index India indication indices Indonesian indoor industry influence influenced influential info inform informatics information informed informs infrastructure inherit init initial Initial initially initiated initiatives initrd initscripts ink inn input inquire inquiry insane insect insensitive insert inserted inside insist install installable installation installed installer installing Installing installs instance instant instead instructions instrument insufficient insult insurance insure integrate Intel intend intended intention interest interesting interface interfaces interfere interference internal Internal international interpretable interpreter interpreters interrupt interruption into intricate intro introduce introduced introduction introductory invariant invent invented invention inventor investigating invite invocations invoke invoked involve involved involves inward ipsec iron is island ISO issue issues Istanbul it Italian italic italics items its itself

jabber jail January Japanese jargon Javanese jaw jealous jealousy jewel job John join joint joke Joseph Josh journey joy judge juice July jump June just justice

Kannada Kazakh keep keeping kept kernel kernels key Key keys keyword keywords kfreebsd Khmer kick kid kill kind kinds king kingdom Kismet kiss kitchen knee kneel knife knock knot know knowledge known Kobayashi Konqueror Korean

label labels lack ladder lady lake lamp land landlord language laptop large laser last late lately later latest latex latter laugh laughter launch launched law lawyer lay layers lazy lead leadership leading leaf leak lean learn learning least leather leave leaving left leg legal legally lei lend length lengthen Lenny less lessen lesser lesson let lets letter letters level liar lib liberty libgtk2 libimlib2 libpng librarian libraries library libselinux libtool libx11 libxext libxft libxinerama libxpm libxrandr libxt licence licenced licences license licensed licenses licensing lid lie lien life lift ligatures light lighten like likely likes likewise lilo limb limit limitation limited line lines link Link linked linking links lintian Linux lip lipstick liquid list listed listen listing lists literary literature little live load loaded loader loading loaf loan local locale locales localization localized locate location lock locked lodge log logged logging logical login logo logout logs lonely long longer look looked looks loop loose loosen lord lose losing loss lost lot lots loud love lovely low lower lowest loyal loyalty ls luck luckily lump lunch lung Luther

m68k Mac Macedonian Mach machine machinery machines Macintosh Macs mad madden made magic mail mailing mails main mainly maintain maintained maintainer maintainers maintaining maintains maintenance Maithili major majority make makefile makes making Malay Malayalam male malicious mame man manage management manager managers mandatory manipulation mankind manner manual manually manuals manufacture many map Marathi march March mark marked market marks marriage marry Marwari mass master mastering mat match matches matching material matrix matter mature may May maybe me meal mean meaning means meant meantime meanwhile measure meat mechanic mechanism media medical medicine medium meet meeting meets melt member membership memory mend mention mentioned mentions menu menus merchant mercy mere merge merry message messages messaging messenger met meta metadata metal metapackage metapackages method methods Michael Microsystems middle might migrate Mike mild mile milk mill min mind mine mineral mini minimal minimized minimum minister minority minute MIPS mipsel mirror mirrors miserable misery miss missing mistake mistaken mistakes mitigates mix mixed mixture mkdir mkswap mo mock mode model models moderate moderation modern modest modesty modification modifications modified modify module modules MoinMoin moment momentary money monitor monkey month months moon moonlight moral more moreover morning Morten most mostly motd mother motherboard motherhood motherly motion motor mount mountain mounted mouse mouth move moved movie moving Mozilla much mud multi multiline multimedia multiple multiplication multiply murder music musician must mutt my mysteriously mystery

nail name named names naming Nan narrow nasty nation native natural naturally nature navigate ncurses near nearly neat neater necessarily necessary necessity neck need needed needing needle needs negative negatives neglect neighbor neighborhood neither Nepali nephew nest net netbook netboot netbooting netinst Netscape network networked networking neuroscience neuroscientist neuroscientists never new newer newest newly news newspaper Nexenta next nice nicks niece night no Noah noble nobody nodes noise nominated nominations non none non-GNU noon nor normal north northern nose not notable note notebook notes nothing notice notices notification noting notorious noun November now nowadays nowhere ntp nuisance null number numbers numerous nurse nursery nut

oar obedience obedient obey object objection obscure observe obsolete obviate obvious occasion occurrence occurs ocean octave October of off offend offense offer office officer official often oil OK old older old-fashioned old-world omission omit on once one ones on-line only onto on-top op open opend openssl openswan opera operate operating operation operations operator opinion opportunity oppose opposite opposition optimal option optional optionally options or orange order ordinary org organ organize oriented orig origin original originally Oriya ornament orphan ostable other others otherwise ought ounce our out outdated outer outline outlined output outside outstanding outward over overcome over-engineer overflow overlap overridden override overview owe own ownership

pack package packaged packages packaging packets pad page pages pain painful paint pair pale pan panic paper papers par paragraph paragraphs parameter parcel pardon parent parentheses Paris park parse parseable parsing part partial partially participate particle particular partition Partitioning partitions partner parts party Pashto pass passage passed passenger password past paste pastry patch patched patches path paths patience patient Patrick patriotic pattern patterns pause paw pay pbuilder pbuilderrc peace pearl peculiar Pegasus pen pencil pending penny people peoples per perfect perfection perfectly perform performance perhaps period Perl permanent permission permissions permissive permit permitted Persian persistence persistent person personally persuade persuasion pet phased photograph photography PHP php physical pick picked picky picture piece pig pigeon pile pin pinch ping pink pint pipe pipeline piracy pirates pitfalls pity pkg place placed places plain plan planet planning plant plaster plate platform play pleasant please pleased pleasure plenty plow plural plus pm png po pocket poem poet point points poison police policies policy Polish polish polite political politician politics pool poor pop popular population port portal porters ports Portuguese position positives possess possession possessor possibilities possible possibly post postfix postpone postrm posts posttrans pot potato pound pour poverty powder Powell power powerful practical practice pragmatic praise pray preach precedents precious prefer preferably preference preferences preferred prefix preinst prejudice prep prepare prepared preparing prerequisites presence present presentation preserve president press pressed pressing pressure pretend pretense pretty prevent prevention preview previous previously price pride priest primary primitive principle print prior priority prison pristine private prize probable probably problem problematic problems proc procedure proceed process processed processes processing procession processors produce produced product production productive profession profile profit program programs progress project projects promise promote prompt prompted prone pronounce pronunciation proof propagation proper properly property proposal propose proposed prospective protect protection protocol proud prove proven provide provided provides providing province pub public published pull pulled pulls pump punctual punish Punjabi pupil pure purge purple purpose push put puts putting puzzle python Python

qualification qualify quality quantity quarrel quart quarter queen question questions quick quiet quilt quirk quirks quit quite quotes

rabbit race radical radio rail railroad rain raise rake RAM ran random range ranges rank rapid rapidly rare rate rather rationale raw ray razor reach reaching read readability readable reading ready real realize realized really reason reasonable reasons reboot rebooting rebuild recall receipt receive recent recently recipes recognition recognize recommend recommended recommends reconfigure reconfiguring record recreating red redden redirect redistribute redistributed reduce reduction refer reference reflect reflected reflection refpolicy refresh refuse refuses regard regards region register regret regular reinstall reinstalls rejected rejoice relate related relating relation relative release releases relevant reliable relied relief relieve religion rely remain remains remark remedy remember remind removal remove removed removes removing rename renamed rent repack repair repeat repeatable repetition replace replaced replacement replaces replacing reply report reportbug reported reporting reports repositories repository represent representative reproduce reproduction republic reputation request requesting require required requirement requirements requires requiring rescue research reserve reset resign resist resistance resolutions resolve resolved resolver resort resource resources respect respective respects responsibility responsible rest restart restaurant restored restrictions result resulting results resume retire retired retrieval retrieve retry return returned revenge reverse reverses reverted review reviews revision reward reworked RFC ribbon rice rich Rick rid ride right rights ring ripe ripen rise risk risks rival rivalry river rm rmdir road roar roast rob robbery rock rod role roles roll rolled ROM Romanian roof room root rope rot rotate rotten rough round routing row royal royalty rpm rub rubber rubbish rude rug ruin rule rules run running runs runtime rush Russian rust

S2 s2ram S390 sacred sacrifice sad sadden saddle safe safer safety said sail sailor sake salary sale salesman salt Sam same sample sand Sarge satisfaction satisfactory satisfied satisfy satisfying Saturday Saturdays sauce saucer sauna save saves saw say saying says scalar scale scan scarce scatter scene scenery scent school scicomp science scientific scientist scissors scold score scorn scrape scratch scream screen screensaver screenshots screw script scripts scroll sea search searched season seat second secrecy secret secretary section sections sector secure security see seed seem seems seen seize seldom select selected selecting selection selects self selfish sell selling send sender sending sends sense sensitive sent sentence separate separated separately separating separation September sequence serial serials series serious servant serve server servers service services serving session sessions set sets setting settings settle setup several severe sew sgml sh shade shadow shake shall shallow shame shape share shared sharing sharp sharpen shave she sheep sheet shelf shell shelter shield shilling shine ship shipping shirt shock shoe shoot shooting shop shore short shorten shorter should shoulder shout show shower shown shows shrink shut sick Sid side sight sign signal signature signatures signed signing silence silent silently silk silver similar simple simpler simplest simplicity simplistic simply simulates since sincere sing single sink sir sister sit site sites situation situations size skill skin skip skirt Skolelinux sky slash slave slavery sleep sleepbtn slide slight slip slippery slope Slovakian slow slower small smaller smallest smarter smell smile smoke smooth snake snapshots snippet snow so soap social society sock soft soften software soil soldier solemn solid solution solutions solve solves some somebody somehow someone something sometime sometimes somewhat somewhere son song soon sore sorrow sorry sort soul sound sounds soup sour source sources south sow space spaces spade Spain spam Spanish spanning SPARC spare speak spear special specially specific specifically specification specified specifies specify specifying speech speed spell spelled spend spill spin spirit spit spite splendid split spoil sponsor sponsorship spoon sport spot spread spring square squeeze src ssl stable stack staff stage stages stain stair stamp stand standard standards stands star start started starting state statement statements static station statistics status stay steady steam steel steep steer Steffen stem step steps stick stiff stiffen still sting stir stock stocking stomach stone stop stops storage store stored storm story stove str straight straighten strange strap straw stream street strength strengthen stretch strict strictly strike string strip stripe stripped stripping stroke strong strongly struggle student study stuff Stuffit stumble stupid style su sub subarches subdirectory subitems subject subkeys submits subproject subset substance substitute subversion succeed succeeds success successful successfully such suck sudden sudo suffer suffers sugar suggest suggested suggestion suit suitable suite suited summarise summarize summarized summary summer sun Sun Sundanese Sundays supercomputer supper supply support supported supporters supports suppose sure surface surprise surround suspect suspend suspending suspension suspicion suspicious Sven svn swallow swap swapfile swapon swear sweat Swedish sweep sweet sweeten swell swim swing switch switching sword sylpheed sympathetic sympathy Synaptic syntax sys syslog system systematic systems

table tag tags tail tailor take taken takes taking talk tall tame Tamil tap tar tar-ball target targeted task tasks taste tax taxi tea teach team tear technical technically technique technology tedious telegraph telephone tell tells Telugu temper temperature template templates temple temporarily temporary tempt ten tend tender tent term terminal terminals terms terrible test tested testers testing tests text textblock textutils than thank thanks that thaw the theater theatrical their them then there thereby therefore these they thick thicken thief thin thing things think thinking third thirst this Tholoth Thomas thorn thorough those though thought thread threads threat threaten three throat through throw thumb thunder thus ticket tide tidy tie tight tighten till time times tin tip tips tire title tldp tmp to tobacco today toe together tomorrow ton tongue tonight too tool toolkit tools tool-set tooth top topic total touch tough tour toward towards towel tower town toy track tracked tracker trackers tracking trade traditional train training transfer transistor transition transitional transitions translate translation translations translator translators trap travel tray treasure treasury treat tree tremble tremendously trial tribe trick tricks tries triggers trip trivial trouble true trunk trust trusted truth try trying tube tune Turkey Turkish turn turns tutorial tweak tweaking twice twist two type types typical typing

Ubuntu udev ugly Ukrainian ultimately umask umbrella unable unacceptable unallocated unambiguous uncle uncomment uncommon under underneath underscore understand understanding understands undocumented unfortunately Unicode unification unified uninstalled union unique unit unite unity universal universe university UNIX unknown unless unloaded unmet unnecessary unneeded unofficial unpack unpacked unpacking unspecified unstable unstuff until up upcoming update updated updates updating upgrade upgradeable upgraded upgrades upgrading upload uploaded uploads upon upper uppermost upright upset upstream Urdu urge urgency urgent us usable usage uscan use used useful user username usernames users usertag uses using usr usual usually uswsusp utilities utility utils

vague vain valid validation valley valuable value values van var variable variables variants varies variety various vegans veil verb verbatim verbosity verified verify verse version versions very vessel via victory video Vietnamese View view village violence violent virtual virtue visit visitor visual vmlinux vmlinuz voice vote vowel voyage

wage waist wait waiter wake walk wall wander want wants war warm warmth warn warning was wash waste wastes watch watches water wave wax way ways we weak weaken wealth weapon wear weather weave Web web Wednesday weed week weekday weekend weigh weight welcome well Welsh went were Wesnoth west western wet what whatever wheat wheel Wheezy when whenever where wherever whether which whichever while whip whisper whistle white whiten who whoever whole wholename whom whose why wicked wide widen widgets widow widower width wife Wi-Fi wiki Wikipedia wild will willing wilt win wind window windows wine wing winner winter wipe wire wisdom wise wisely wish with within without witness Wolof woman women won wonder wondered wood wooden Woody wool woolen word wording words Work work workable workaround workarounds worked workers working works workspace workstations world worm worry worse worship worth would wound wrap wrapper wreck wrist write writer writing written wrong wrongly wrote wsvn Wu www

x11 x86 xattr xfs Xhosa xhtml Xiang xml xmlwriter xpath xscreensaver

Yaboot Yahoo yard year years yellow yes yesterday yet yield you young your yourself youth Yue

zephyr zero zlib zombie Zope

abootimg archlinux armhf gdisk hub iface launchpad lspci lsusb misc mkfs mnt rw Tegra tzdata usbcore variant vim vmalloc Xorg

barrier bash bluetooth cmdline cp fuse loopback optical sid umount vertical

A1 alter atime aufs baobab bleachbit Blocks blocks bzip2 Categorically caused compared compress Compressed compressing Compression compression compressions compressors coreutils D5 daemon dbus debfoster debian definitive Deutsch disc Disc discs dpigs du duff duplicates eats egrep erase execdir expendable Expendable explanation exposes Ext Ext4 fdupes Finders findutils Firewire Freeing fslint goodies groupquota gtkorphan gzip hardlink increasing installsize Italiano larger lbzip2 localepurge logrotate losslessly lossy lvm2 lzop mknod mtime n50 Occupied orphaner oss overlaid Packer parallel pbzip2 pigz plzip popcon popularity portions query Quota quota rdfind redirecting reduced reduces redundant Reiser Reiser4 reliability removable Reserved reserves rewrite rsyslog saving sda2 spool Spool squashfs strictatime symlink synaptic textual theme tty12 tune2fs txt ucl Ultimate unchanged unexpand unifying uninstalling upx usrquota Views Volume wajig waringquota writable writings xsession xz Zip Zip2

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probe xdm

0px 100px 1em 1pt 23deprecated 30pt 5em 5pt A2 adjust Adjust align amide appears aren artwork asked Asked attach attachements attachments avoided b48 backlinks banner bias bypass Camel categories Categories centralized Cleanup Co complement comply concluding Conferences considerations consistent contacting contradiction contributing contributions controversial Conventions conventions counted covering credits Credits Cs d4a Deleting Deletion Dembach deprecated Destination dg directions Doe doesn don Don Ds editors element Elements encouraged equivalent es Español Etiquette explained Factor faq Firstname fluent Footer footer Formatting formatting fpiat fragment Fragment Fragments Français Frontpage fund generic Gmb Goo grabbed hack hardest helping Helping hides homepages housing howto icons idb ideas implies improvements inadvertently individual Indonesia Informatik inquiries instruction integrated Inter internationalized intrusive irc Irc isn johndoe jpg Knowing l10n languagecode languages largely Lastname layout limitations logos loses macro Macros margin marketing meanders meaningful Mercilessly merged mergers Merging minor misnamed modif Moin moinmo moinmoin Moinmoin nd nickname Nickname notation notify occasions offended offered openlogo opposed organized organizing Orphaned overload overuse owner padding Pagewith pasting Permalink Philosophy Picking Portals portals prefs prevents principles Promoting Provider publicly qa raising re Re react reader recoverpass redirects Refactor Refactoring referenced referring refined relates relational relations remarks renaming Renaming Reorganizing repeated requests reuse reused ru scheme scoping screenshot Screenshot searches shift Shots shouldn sidebar simplifies skills Slashes speakers Spellcheck splits splitting sponsored standardize structure structured styles subjects subpage subpages subscribe Subscribe subtopics suggesting synchronization synchronize Synchronizing synchronizing tables tablestyle tagged thoughts thumbnail timezone translated Translated translating transparent Turning typically unexpected Useless userprefs visitors w3 Wanted wanting Wouldn yours Русский

32x32 administering bn Brasileiro cdrom Configuring e8e8e8 f8f8f8 icon Melayu monitoring Monitoring ms Pics printer Printing pt Recovery Virtualization

bookmark condensed deletions diffrc edited happened merging Quote renames

acronym addresses admins affects ages Ahah aimed aims alioth Answered appeared archival archived argument Assurance attacks bidiui binding bot brackets branches brings bts bugnumber bugreport bugreports cares catched Cc chained claimed claims clicking clicks collapse combined Coming commandline confirm conservative considers conveniently copied criterion cryptic culprit Dec definitely deliberately descriptive devscripts digging distcc distinct dkms dkms2 dots emails enhance enhancements explains explicit explicitly extremely Firstly fixing Fuchs fumbles Gerfried graphs happening harmful hasn heck helpfully helps hint Hooray Hovering hugely hurd icedove immensely improper intentionally investigate investigates inviting jumpily jumpy keeps levels libreoffice ll logrotate2 looking Looking mailed managed manipulating masters members mishaps misuse moreinfo nagios ng notfound noticed Obviously obviously offers outweights packagename parser pkgreport porter possibility properties proxy pseudo queried Querying quickly reassign Reassigned reassigned recipe redirected reducing regularly reload reminder removals reopening reproducing retitle rhonda Ro safely sees senders Severity severity snippets solved soonish squashed ss ssmtp states stores stumbled submission submit submitter submitting subscribed subscribers symbols sync tagging textbased thinks thrown timer tooltip totally touched tracks Transport tricky troubles troublesome tweaked udd understood unreproducible urwid vary ve vm waited waiting wasn webpage wishlist Wow

1909servers 24x7 2x2 a2hosting Ace aceshells activation Affordable affordable apache ar Arnhem Atlanta au Australia Australian Availability axelaris Axelaris backbone Beach beasts Beasts Belgian benchmarked bettervps bitfolk Blaze bodhost Budget budgetdedicated bytemark ca Canada Centos cheapvps Chicago clickngo co Colocation commerical connectivity contextshift Contextshift Coop Cooperative Core2 Costa costumer cpanel crucialp cz Czech datacenter datacenters debiancolo dedibox dedicatedserver Dienstleistungen dlnet dns domaindiscount24 dramatically Dreamhost dreamhost dtc edv Enexis enexis Enterprise epassporte eu Eukhost eukhost euro European exaltinfo fastest fastvps Fastvps Fiber finalhosting Firewalls fluctuates focused Folk gandi geeks Georgia Gerhard Giga gigabit gigatux gladserv Gladserv Gle glesys gnupanel gnutransfer gplhost Grok grokthis hcoop hetzner Hiox hioxindia Hosting hosting hours hu Hungary hypervisors idvps imap impacted implement india Indian individuals Ingate ingate Internet interrupts Interserver interserver iweb java johncompanies Khost Kimsufi kimsufi Klein klein Koumbit koumbit Layer Layered layeredtech lchost lease Lease Libre Lightning lightningvps Lighttpd lighttpd Linode linode linux located locations London lws M5 m5hosting macmini Mama mamalibre Mammoth mammothvps Merkaweb merkaweb Micfo micfo minutes moneybookers multihomed Munich Murmur Mware mysql Mythic mythic ndchost neosurge Neosurge netciel netdirekt Netherlands netsonic networks Networks nl Ns nullbits Nuremberg nz Offering offering offerings offre oldstable online outshinesolutions Outshinesolutions Overall ovh Panel panel pangea paypal peer Pennsylvania Perfromance perl pgsql php5 pickaweb Pickaweb plans Plesk Poas poashosting pop3 pre preinstalled Premium prices Prices products professional Professional proficient programmers Pronto protected provider providers Providers provps Pv6 quantact quickvz Rack raid1 Rails ram ramhost ranked rapidxen Remote remote reseller reselling residents Reston rhombic Rhombic Rica rimuhosting rosehosting rshosting rsync Ruby Runmap runmapglobal sales Scalable scaling Schulz schulz Se se searchable servepath serverbeach serverpronto Seven sevenl Shells shells shockmedia Shosting shtml silverrack sitehost skyway slicehost slightly smtp Snel snelserver speaking Specialist Speedy Spro ssh stardothosting superb Supermicro Supporting supporting Swiss Switzerland Sydney systeminplace tablewidth taxes Tech tektonic thundervps tm Toronto Traffic traffic Tux Ubiquity ubiquityhosting ubiquityservers uk ukfast Ukhost Unic unichost United Unix unixshell Unlimited Unmanaged Uptime Utransfer Vancouver vanvps vdrive vds Ville Virginia virtualconcepts virtualization virtualize virtualized Virtuozzo vlinux vmx Voip volumedrive vps Vps vpsblaze vpschoice vpsfarm vpslink vpspro vpsvillage vpsville Vserver vserver vservercenter vservers Ware webhost Webhosting webhosting webmail webmasters webperf Website website Webspace workloads xen Xen xenianer xentos Xentos xenvps Xeon xtrahost Xtraordinary Zealand zope zzservers

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Debug Distros Initramfs Mentors Proposals Repos Teams Triage Архитектуры архитектуры больше быстро быстрого быть Вам вам Введение Встроенный вы Вы Гарантия где Группировке дебаг диск дистрибутивов Дистрибутивы для Добро документа документацию должен Другие если же Живой здесь знать или Инструменты инструменты Информации информация каждый как качества Команды которое Лицензирование Локализация Локальные место можете на Наилучший найти нам Наставники начинающего нашли необходимо Неофициальные нет нужды об оба обсуждает обсуждения отслеживания Официальная официальную ошибках ошибке Ошибки ошибку ошибок Пакетах Пакеты пакеты Патчи первое Поддерживаемые пожаловать помочь портал посетить посмотрите приобщиться прислать проекта Простые прочитать путь Разработка разработке разработки разработку разработчик разработчика разработчиков Разработчиком разрешения Руководство Система Сначала Сообщения Сообщить Сортировке так такую текущего Текущий то того Уголок узнать Упаковке установить Установщик участвовать хорошо хотите Хранилища хранилища что чтобы этих это Этот ядра Ядро

Parties Squashing teams

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