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 *'''Wiki''': wiki page of the group  *'''Wiki''': [[@PAGE@]]
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## Why would we have a Last updated? The wiki already shows that. Chealer 2013-02-13
Last updated: @TIME@


Name of the Group -- short description

  • Location: City, Country

  • Website: website address

  • Wiki: ?@PAGE@

  • Mailing list: mailing list address

  • Contact: contact for the group if ML doesn't exists

  • IRC: IRC channel and network.

  • Description: Long description: what do you do, what are your goals, etc


Upcoming Meetings

A list of upcoming and/or past meetings. You can also use specific subpages.


  • Date:

  • Location:

  • Discussion proposals:

    • Organizational questions --
    • Keysigning party
  • Needed equipment/materials (please mark if you can bring something from this list):

    • ## first item
    • ## second item


Other stuff