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   * ''Description'': Meets every last Friday of an odd-numbered month at various locations (e.g. the "Max & Moritz", Oranienstr. 162, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg)
   * ''Geolocation'': 52.517 N 13.400 E
   * ''Description'': Meets every last Thursday of an odd-numbered month at c-base (http://www.c-base.org)  
   * ''Geolocation'': 52.512 N 13.420 E

This page is an attempt to gather detailed information about Debian Local Groups around the world, for integration of that information into Debian infrastructure and also in order to improve the quality and quantity of events and the promoting of Local Groups initiatives.

If you would like to add a new local group to this page, please enter the short name of your group below, with no spaces. If you are the maintainer of a group page, you are expected to subscribe to both it and the template or subscribe to the RecentChanges RSS feed so that you are notified when your group page is out of sync with the template and more information needs to be added. When editing your group page, please replace the date at the end with @TIME@ so that the current date is added.

Feel free to add any group to this list that deals mostly or primarily with Debian. If you have doubts, add it anyway and do as good a job in the description as you can. Please keep this page organized like it currently is.

Hint: if you need a mailing list for your group please create it on lists.debian.org naming it debian-dug-<groupname> (dug is an acronym for Debian User Group)

(no spaces)

If there is no group in your area, you may be able to find Debian people in your area on the keysigning pages (offers, need) or the recent release parties pages.



Hong Kong






  • Debian-melb

    • Location: Melbourne, VIC, AU

    • Group Email Address: debian-melb@taz.net.au

    • Website:

    • Wiki:

    • IRC Channel:

    • Contact: Daniel Stone daniels@debian.org

    • Description: Meets very irregularly - usually just when people are in town.

    • Geolocation: 37.817 S 144.967 E

  • Debian Slug AU




  • Debian-by

    • Location: Minsk, Republic of Belarus

    • Group Email Address:

    • Website: http://debian-by.org

    • Wiki:

    • IRC Channel: #debian-by on irc.debian.org (OFTC)

    • Mailing list: <debian DASH dug DASH by AT SPAMFREE lsits DOT debian DOT org>

    • Description: We organize DebBeer`s, Release Parties, Meetings and Debian Birthday Parties (Debian Day) in Belarus. Our goal to gathering Debian contributors in Belarus.



  • BUUG-L

    • Location: Berlin, Germany, Europe

    • Group Email Address: buug-l@buug.de (not exclusively Debian, but the Berlin DDs hang around here!)

    • Website:

    • Wiki:

    • IRC Channel:

    • Contact: buug-l@buug.de (not exclusively Debian, but the Berlin DDs hang around here!)

    • Description: Meets every last Thursday of an odd-numbered month at c-base (http://www.c-base.org)

    • Geolocation: 52.512 N 13.420 E

  • DUG-HH

  • Debian Muc




The Netherlands

  • Debian-nl

    • Location: The Netherlands

    • Group Email Address: debian-events-nl@lists.debian.org

    • Website:

    • Wiki:

    • IRC Channel: #debian-nl

    • Contact: Just use the list

    • Description: Discussion list, mainly used to announce keysigning party's once some non-dutch developer visits the Netherlands.

    • Geolocation: 52.350 N 4.917 E


  • Debian UK

    • Location: United Kingdom/Great Britain/'England'

    • Group Email Address: debian-uk@chiark.greenend.org.uk

    • Website:

    • Wiki:

    • IRC Channel: #debian-uk

    • Contact: The list. Insofar as anyone is in charge: SteveMcIntyre <93sam@debian.org>

    • Description: Debian developers and hangers-on in the UK. Meets and exhibitions are organised through this list. By far the largest concentration is in Cambridge so most physical meets happen there, several times a year. Meets in London are quite common, especially when visitors are passing through.

    • Geolocation: 51.517 N 0.105 W (London) 52.205 N 0.144 E (Cambridge)

North America


  • THUG

    • Location: (Greater) Toronto

    • Group Email Address: thug@gnu.org

    • Website: http://www.nongnu.org/thug/

    • Wiki:

    • IRC Channel: #thug

    • Contact:

    • Description: We are currently a small group that is growing nicely. We meet every couple months in a convenient location, usually the University of Waterloo. Our current leaders are all Debian developers and GNU Hurd enthusiats.

    • Geolocation: 33.000 S 151.600 E

  • UW-DIG

    • Location: University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

    • Group Email Address: uw-dig@uw-dig.uwaterloo.ca

    • Website: http://uw-dig.uwaterloo.ca

    • Wiki:

    • IRC Channel:

    • Contact:

    • Description: The University of Waterloo Debian Interest Group is a group of Debianers who meet monthly to learn from each other and discuss the current projects the group has going.

    • Geolocation: 43.467 N 80.533 W

  • /DebianMontreal



CA - California

  • Southern California Debian

    • Location: CA, US (Los Angeles, San Diego)

    • Group Email Address: scd@scd.debian.net

    • Website: http://scd.debian.net/ (If you receive a 403 error, please contact Blars Blarson <blarson@blars.org>. He will be more than happy to explain to you why you are not able to access this web site).

    • Wiki:

    • IRC Channel:

    • Contact: Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org>

    • Description: The usual low-traffic mailing list, irregular meetings, key signing

    • Geolocation: 32.715 N 117.156 W

  • Bay Area Debian

    • Location: CA, US (San Francisco Bay area)

    • Group Email Address: bad@bad.debian.net

    • Website: http://bad.debian.net

    • Wiki:

    • IRC Channel:

    • Contact:

    • Description: A loose collection of over 100 Debian developers and enthusiasts. Currently has get-togethers on the second Wednesday of most months.

    • Geolocation: 37.775 N 122.418 W

DC - Washington

MA - Massachusetts

  • debian-boston-soc

    • Location: Boston, MA, US

    • Group Email Address: debian-boston-soc@meepzorp.org

    • Website: http://www.meepzorp.org/mailman/listinfo/debian-boston-soc

    • Wiki:

    • IRC Channel:

    • Contact:

    • Description: Informal group of Boston/Cambridge-area locals who meet somewhat frequently and for notable occasions like release parties or when other Debian-related folks come to town. The list is mostly pretty low-traffic, and not everything is announced there, so please be sure to introduce yourself if you'd like to stay on top of events.

    • Geolocation: 42.358 N 71.060 W

NY - New York

OR - Oregon

PA - Pennsylvania

  • Philadelphia Area Debian Society (PADS)

    • Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

    • Group Email Address: pads@list.LinuxForce.net

    • Website: http://www.LinuxForce.net/pads

    • Wiki: [

    • IRC Channel:

    • Contact: Chris Fearnley <cjf@LinuxForce.net>

    • Description: The Philadelphia Area Debian Society (PADS) was founded in May 1999 by Chris Fearnley to organize a working group of users and developers for improving Debian GNU/Linux based distributions (e.g., Libranet, Knoppix, etc. and our understanding of them).

    • Geolocation: 39.952 N 75.164 W

  • Pa Debian User Group

  • Short Description - We are a group of Debian users from across Pa, USA that work together to learn and use Debian.

  • City,State,Country: Altoona, Pa, USA

  • Website: http://www.padebian.org

  • Contact: info@padebian.org

  • IRC: Mibbit - Channel #padebian

  • Description: We are developers and users who share information and knowledge of the Debian Operating System. The goals of the group are different for everyone, and we encourage all to communicate and feel welcome.

Upcoming Meetings

Check the web site meetings forum for meeting details.

Last updated: 02/12/2013

WA - Washington

Central America

Costa Rica

El Salvador



  • Debian Nicaragua

    • Location: Managua, Nicaragua

    • Group Email Address: debian-ni@debian.org.ni

    • Website: http://www.debian.org.ni

    • Wiki:

    • IRC Channel: #debian-ni

    • Contact: Leandro Gómez leogg@debian.org.ni

    • Description: Active since 2007. Mostly support for local Debian users, but also organizing events such as Debian Day in Nicaragua and promoting Debian, GNU/Linux and Free Software in coordination with the local FOSS community

    • Geolocation:

South America


  • Debian-ar

    • IRC Channel: #debian-ar

    • Description: Just an IRC channel, sometimes events are organised.





  • Debian Perú

    • Location: Lima, Peru

    • Group Email Address: debian@listas.apesol.org

    • Website: http://www.debianperu.org

    • Wiki: DebianPeru

    • IRC Channel: #debian-peru

    • Contact: Rudy Godoy rudy@stone-head.org

    • Description: Debian Perú is a user group which intents to promote the use, deployment and development of Debian in Perú and also help Debian trough involment into the project activities, specially l10n, documentation (spanish), packaging and trying to help to kill bugs. Also to meet other Debian fellows to share a beer and talk about world domination.

    • Geolocation: 12.050 N -77.050 W