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=== Debian Boston Social ===
'''Location:''' Boston, MA, US

'''Group Email Address:''' debian-boston-soc@meepzorp.org

'''Website :'''



Local Debian Groups

Preliminary List

Feel free to add any group to this list that deals mostly or primarily with Debian. If you have doubts, add it anyway and do as good a job in the description as you can.

Note: The kwiki tables were huge and unmanageable for this so I've chosen the template below instead. Let's build the list here and then talk about moving it to www.debian.org or somewhere more appropriate.

Debian Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany, Europe

Group Email Address: debian-berlin@kloster.be.schule.de

Contact: debian-berlin-admin@kloster.be.schule.de

Description: Meets every last Friday of an odd-numbered month at various locations (e.g. the "Max & Moritz", Oranienstr. 162, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg).

Debian Seattle Social

Location: Seattle

Group Email Address: debian-seattle-soc@lists.yukidoke.org

Website : http://lists.yukidoke.org/mailman/listinfo/debian-seattle-soc

Contact: Benj. Mako Hill <mako@debian.org>

Description: Low-traffic mailing list of folks that meet irregularly for keysigning, lunches, the odd bug squash, and to coordinate when some Debianer comes to town.


Location: Melbourne, VIC, AU

Group Email Address: debian-melb@taz.net.au

Contact: Daniel Stone <daniels@debian.org>

Description: Meets very irregularly - usually just when peopel are in town.

Debian Zurich

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Group Email Address: debian-unizh@lists.madduck.net

Contact: Martin F. Krafft <madduck@debian.org>

Description: Meets irregularly - usually when people are in town and get in touch with us. Mailing list is set up to be a support forum. Don't be distracted by -unizh... it started out at the university, but it's moved to the city and beyond. I just haven't had time to update...

Debian Munich

Location: Munich, Germany

Group Email Address: debian-muc@lists.madduck.net

Contact: Martin F. Krafft <madduck@debian.org>

Description: Meets irregularly - usually when people are in town and get in touch with us.

Philadelphia Area Debian Society

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Group Email Address: pads@list.LinuxForce.net

Website : http://www.LinuxForce.net/pads

Contact: Chris Fearnley <cjf@LinuxForce.net>

Description: The Philadelphia Area Debian Society (PADS) was founded in May 1999 by Chris Fearnley to organize a working group of users and developers for improving Debian GNU/Linux based distributions (e.g., Libranet, Knoppix, etc. and our understanding of them.


Location: Washington, DC, US

Group Email Address: debian-dc@ucko.debian.net (?SmartList)

Contact: Aaron M. Ucko <ucko@debian.org>

Description: A dozen or so Debianers (mostly but not exclusively ["DDs"]) who meet irregularly (usually by request).


Location: University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Group Email Address: uw-dig@uw-dig.uwaterloo.ca

Website : http://uw-dig.uwaterloo.ca

Description: The University of Waterloo Debian Interest Group is a group of Debianers who meet monthly to learn from each other and discuss the current projects the group has going.

Southern California Debian

Location: CA, US (Los Angeles, San Diego)

Group Email Address: scd@scd.debian.net

Website : http://scd.debian.net/

Contact: Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org>

Description: The usual low-traffic mailing list, irregular meetings, key signing


Bay Area Debian

Location: CA, US (San Francisco Bay area)

Group Email Address: bad@bad.debian.net

Website : http://bad.debian.net


Description: A loose collection of over 100 Debian developers and enthusiasts. Currently has get-togethers on the second Wednesday of most months.


Debian Boston Social

Location: Boston, MA, US

Group Email Address: debian-boston-soc@meepzorp.org

Website :



--- Note: Copy everything below this line as a template for adding a new group to this page and be sure to use "

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