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 *'''[[IRC|IRC]]''': #debian-montreal


Debian Montreal -- group of Debian Maintainers, Members Developers and enthusiasts that live in the Montreal area and are motivated.


Upcoming Meetings

A list of upcoming and/or past meetings. You can also use specific subpages.


Bug Squashing Party

  • Date: 29 septembre 15h

  • Location: Foulab

  • Discussion proposals:

    • BSP!

    • Keysigning party

FIrst BSP summary

We we able to remove a few RC bugs, namely:

  • 688410 - nginx, can't reproduce, downgraded to normal

  • 684191 - charybdis, license conflict, downgraded to minor because the 4-clause BSD doesn't apply on BSD-native software anymore

  • 688793 - obnam, verified that the unblock request was filed

  • 687786 - opticalraytracer, missing dependency, NMU done with DELAYED/7

  • 680235 - debirf segfaults, couldn't reproduce on sid, struggled to find a wheezy box to test

  • 606268 - network manager / debian-install weird bug, looked at it

  • unblock request on vim-puppet
  • nano-url was considered for removal with the maintainers
  • 665487 - unreproducable, downgraded

We also uploaded atheme-services to debian unstable and fought with a WNPP for puppet documentation, response is quite funny (616548).

Other stuff

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