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 *'''Website''': none yet  *'''Website''': http://debian.quebec

About / À propos

Debian Quebec -- group of Debian Maintainers, Members Developers and enthusiasts that work, live and travel in Quebec province.

Consultez aussi la liste de Communautés d'utilisateurs et de développeurs de logiciels libres au Québec de FACIL pour une liste d'autres groupes et associatons au Québec.

Meetings / Events

** Debian Québec organise un "release party" pour Wheezy **

Please keep an eye on http://agendadulibre.qc.ca.

Past Events

Bug Squashing Party

  • Date: 2012-09-29 15h

  • Location: Foulab

  • Discussion proposals:

    • BSP!

    • Keysigning party

First BSP summary

We we able to remove a few RC bugs, namely:

  • 688410 - nginx, can't reproduce, downgraded to normal

  • 684191 - charybdis, license conflict, downgraded to minor because the 4-clause BSD doesn't apply on BSD-native software anymore

  • 688793 - obnam, verified that the unblock request was filed

  • 687786 - opticalraytracer, missing dependency, NMU done with DELAYED/7

  • 680235 - debirf segfaults, couldn't reproduce on sid, struggled to find a wheezy box to test

  • 606268 - network manager / debian-install weird bug, looked at it

  • unblock request on vim-puppet
  • nano-url was considered for removal with the maintainers
  • 665487 - unreproducable, downgraded

We also uploaded atheme-services to debian unstable and fought with a WNPP for puppet documentation, response is quite funny (616548).

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