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=== Upcoming Events === === Upcoming and past events ===
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=== Past Events ===

'''Festive Drinks'''
 *'''Date:''' Thursday 19th December 2013 at 20:00
 *'''Location:''' The Long Stone, Townsend Street, Dublin 2

'''Release Party'''
 *'''Date:''' Friday 17th May 2013
 *'''Location:''' Mac Turcaill's

'''Second Bug Squashing Party'''
 *'''Date:''' Saturday 3rd November 2012
 *'''Location:''' Google HQ, Dublin
 * [[BSP/2012/11/ie/Dublin|Event summary]]

'''Bug Squashing Party'''
 *'''Date:''' Saturday 8th September 2012
 *'''Location:''' Google HQ, Dublin
 * [[BSP/2012/09/ie/Dublin|Event summary]]


Debian Ireland -- Ireland Local Group

We are an emerging local group. We've met at a BSP and found that we needed a space like this in Ireland.

There's a mailing list, debian-dug-ie@lists.debian.org. Subscription and archives found in: https://lists.debian.org/debian-dug-ie/

Upcoming and past events

See the mailing list archives.

Other stuff

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