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* 2017 [[https://wiki.debian.org/ReleasePartyStretch#ReleasePartyStretch.2FChina.2FBeijing.China:_Beijing|Stretch Release Party (Beijing)]]  *   2017 [[https://wiki.debian.org/ReleasePartyStretch#ReleasePartyStretch.2FChina.2FBeijing.China:_Beijing|Stretch Release Party (Beijing)]]
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Debian China -- Debian China (User) Group

  • Contact: Aron Xu <aron@debian.org> (FOR MAILING LIST ONLY; NOT RELATED WITH WEBSITE)

  • IRC: Freenode: #debian-cn

  • Description: Unofficial community that targets Debian users in Mainland China, makes efforts on the improvement of Debian's localization in China and other stuff.

For official chinese-related development groups, see Chinese Team on Alioth.


(No regular meetup yet)


Other stuff

There is a telegram group that connects with the #debian-cn IRC channel. Find people on the IRC to join it.

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