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LinuxTag 2005 is now over. A short report can be found [[English/LinuxTag2005|here]]. LinuxTag 2005 is now over. A short report can be found [[LinuxTag/DebianWomen/2005Report|here]].

Basic Information

Homepage: http://www.linuxtag.org/

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Dates: June 22-25, 2005


From the homepage: "Linux everywhere" is this year's title for Europe's largest event about Free Software, Linux and Open Source. From 22. to 25. June 2005, more than 16.000 IT decision makers, software developers and users meet at the Messe- und Kongresszentrum Karlsruhe to take part in ?LinuxTag2005. It provides an extensive conference program and a professional exhibition as a unique information platform. ?LinuxTagtakes place every year since 1996 under the motto "Where .COM meets .ORG".

The Debian project will again maintain its own sub-conference with high profile talks and workshops. The talks will describe certain parts of the distribution or the project. The so called Debian Day will take place on Thursday (June 23th, 2005) and will be extended to Friday (June 24th, 2005). This sub-conference is targeting developers and advanced users. Most talks will be held in English so that guests from other European countries can easily follow them.

A keysigning party will also take place on Saturday.

Debian Women

There will be two talks featuring women in Free Soaftware/Debian:

  • The Debian Women Project by Meike, Thursday the 23rd 15:00 in Room R 2.05 (details)

  • Free Software with a female touch by Fernanda, Friday the 24th 12:00 in room Mombert (details). This talk is part of the general ?LinuxTagprogram.

Other talks by Debian Women members:

  • Internationalisation & localisation by Luk, Thursday the 23rd, 12:00 in room R 2.05 (details)


If you are planning to come, let us know!


LinuxTag 2005 is now over. A short report can be found here.