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This is a copy of the Linuxtag report by Meike that was also sent to the Debian Women mailing list (<debian-women AT list DOT debian DOT org>)


Hi all,

sorry for taking so long with my LinuxTag report but after coming back I fully dived into exam season, which is now almost completed so I finally got some time to sum things up and get back to work.

I arrived in Karlsruhe on Wednesday afternoon and went right to the "Kongresszentrum" where Linuxtag took place. There I met up with the other debian guys who turned out to be a *very* nice crowd and made me feel very welcome. (Thanks again for that! :)) So any initial anxiety was gone within minutes and I felt very comfortable right away. There wasn't much else happening this day. I walked around with youam, got a first overview on stuff and then went to dinner and to the AKK where we'd sleep.

The next day was DebianDay which also featured my debian-women talk. It was quite successful. I had roughly 60 people there and things went quite smooth. Unfortunately I made the talk quite quick to allow for a proper discussion afterwards, but apparently there wasn't much to be said. So we finished well before time. That'll be one thing I'll do differently next time. I however had a lot of individual discussions on the topic within the next days, so I take it that there really was interest but somehow people felt more comfortable approaching me personally than voicing their opinions/questions in public.

Most feedback I got on the talk was rather good. There were feedback forms that could be filled out and the "marks" I got were rather good. (In fact I was only topped by enrico, whose excellent talks simply cannot be beaten. Mental note: Get a funny accent!)

The rest of Linuxtag was spent at the booth (Yes, I had a "Can I help you, Sir?" "Ah I don't think so, I actually got a technical question" but only one.), hacking, meeting people, talking to people and seeing people's talks.

Things that came up concerning debian-women:

So much for now. If there's anything else you'd like to know just ask!

Cheers, Meike

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