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The infrastructure for audio and video on Linux leaves a lot to be desired. What does it take to make Linux a compelling architecture for AV programming?

Some of the items below are "must-haves", others are not. This is a brainstorm; priorities and deadlines should be made further down the road.

Forum: I suggest using the IRC channel #openvideo on Freenode

==Important infrastructure

  • Jack working out of the box on the major distros (Debian/Ubuntu included) A unified video input/output API
    • Same abstraction layer for accessing DV, HDV, firewire cameras and USB cameras. Pluggable encoders and decoders Features: Timecode API (extracting timecode, synching streams)
      • Software timecode generators? (to add timecode to a stream)
    low latency scheduling in default kernels Free hw accel 3D video drivers Fast DV decoder support for hardware decoding of mpeg2 Drag and drop of trimmed video clips (with in- and out points, "video clipboard") "Video jack" (jack for video, recently started)

==Nice-to-have infrastructure

Video standards (NTSC/PAL/PAL60/SECAM) mapped to locale. How? Just a long list with locales and the corresponding standard(s)?

You may suggest priorities and timelines

  • Priorities What is a reasonable timeline for each item?