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 * http://lists.debian.org/debian-lint-maint/2011/08/msg00285.html  * <<mid(20110823123639.5BD6F3D03@thykier.net)>>
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 * http://lists.debian.org/debian-lint-maint/2011/12/msg00059.html  * <<mid(4EDF7F37.80900@thykier.net)>>


This is an extended description of the "Lintian reports frontend". It is a project for Google Summer of Code 2012.

This document is intended for prospective students as a source of inspiration. It is not a complete description nor a complete specification. Feel free to suggest new ideas or propose modifications to existing ones in your application. Please also note that, not every idea listed here (or in a link from here) is necessarily "pre-approved".

Inspiration for part 2: Harness frontend

Should you work on this project, you may want to consider looking at the mails/bugs/documented listed here. It is quite possible you will work on some of the ideas listed in these.

  • <20110823123639.5BD6F3D03@thykier.net>

    • Please note, some of the musts listed in this document are not as important as they were originally proposed. Examples include the HTTP(S) fetch feature.

  • <4EDF7F37.80900@thykier.net>

    • The current frontend partly supports the above, but could use some importments.
  • The following bugs: #615073, #512901, #660732 and #660733.

  • Current reporting framework in Lintian. Look for the scripts "reporting/harness", "reporting/html_reports", the templates in "reporting/templates" and also the modules used by the scripts (in lib/).
    • The Lintian source code can be found here.

  • Ubuntu has some changes in their repository on github. Commits like this may be useful for other derivatives as well.

    • Note: There are possibly a lot of "uninteresting" commits in that repository, so git knowledge is advised.