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GNU Ring: ring:dogsleg

Homepage: https://www.pimentola.ru

Lev Lamberov (ru: Лев Ламберов)

Email: <dogsleg AT SPAMFREE debian DOT org>

IRC: dogsleg @ OFTC

GNU Ring: ring:dogsleg

Homepage: https://www.pimentola.ru

GPG fingerprint: DE6BA671D57D9B009CF686505EE76EE20216D2A5

Debian member information

Portfolio: http://portfolio.debian.net/result?email=dogsleg%40debian.org

dogsleg FAQ

Q: Why bother with translating such an old stuff? For what?

A: Well, one can learn more even from quite old documents. When it comes to the official Debian web page I'd like Russian translation of it to be on par with other great languages. Also it's a fun competition to catch French team ;-)