Lenny and a half is the nickname for a project to add newer packages (kernel, Xorg drivers and debian-installer) within the stable Debian 'lenny' release to increase its usefulness to users with hardware that requires updated drivers.

Lenny and a half does not yet exist, but probably will at some point. This page is a place to start organizing


What is Lenny And A Half

Lenny And A Half is an additional set of packages to be included in Debian Lenny to increase the amount of hardware supported by Debian 5.0 ('lenny'). These packages are not replacements for any of the existing packages in Debian 5.0. Installation of new packages onto existing Debian 5.0 systems is not compulsory - this update presents no change to the support of previously available packages.

How can a user test Lenny And A Half before it's released ?

Once it exists, simply add the lenny-proposed-updates sources after the lenny main sources in your /etc/apt/sources.list, i.e something like :

deb ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian lenny-proposed-updates main

(more help on StableProposedUpdates page).

How long will Lenny And A Half be supported?
Unclear at the moment, but probably like Etch And A Half for three months after the release of Squeeze only. The main reason is the cost of security maintainance for too many kernel versions at the same time.
How can I install Lenny-and-a-Half?

Once it exists, see http://www.debian.org/releases/lenny/debian-installer/lennynhalf

How can a user propose update to support more Hardware
Send an email to the development mailing list.
How to dist-upgrade from lenny to lenny and a half

Lenny-and-a-half isn't a new distribution: it is a regular point release.
If you want to have improved hardware, you might want to manually install the new package (see below).

What packages might be updated
  • linux-2.6 (optional) (current plan is 2.6.30, but will depend on timing)
  • Xorg drivers
  • debian-installer

L-n-half development

Mailing List

A mailing list for the development of this project does nto exist yet, but when it gets created it will probably be available on teams.debian.net and be named project-lennynahalf (archive).

Potential Changes


Bugs that need to be resolved :: (tag doesn't exist yet)