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 * ldraw-parts ([[DebianBug:714999|WNPP]])
 * brickutils ([[DebianBug:715053|WNPP]])
 * ldglite ([[DebianBug:715053|WNPP]])
 * ldview ([[DebianBug:715280|WNPP]])
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 * LDraw parts library (CC-BY 2.0)
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 * LDView (GPL2, http://sourceforge.net/projects/ldview/)
      * works natively for linux and compiles fine
      * segfaults often
      * Somebody has patches to make it work on Fedora 19: https://retracile.net/blog/category/lpub4
      * seems barely alive - upstream took 2 years to respond: https://sourceforge.net/p/lpub4/discussion/702453/thread/d284c304/
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      * violates the bricklink terms of service?
 * LDForge (GPL3+, https://github.com/slatenails/ldforge)
      * CAD modeller
      * very young
 * Lic (GPL3+, http://bugeyedmonkeys.com/lic_info/)
      * instruction creator like LPub4 but more automatic
      * less customizable than LPub4 but easier to use
      * original author moved from googlecode to github and seems to be alive again: https://github.com/remig/lic

Translation(s): sk

Debian support for Lego designers

Interacting with the team

Task description

Make Debian include software for controlling the Lego Mindstorm controllers and CAD software to design Lego models.

Debtags can be used to locate Lego related packages. We tag them using the hardware::hobby:lego tag. They can be found using the debtags search.

See also usage graph.

Prospective packages

Other possible future packaging projects

Get involved

  • {*} Put here an easy task that can be done to help you.

  • {*}{*} Put here a task that can be done to help you.

  • {*}{*}{*} Put here a difficult task that can be done to help you.

More stuff

If you have no other dedicated place to document stuff concerning your team, then use this place. You can put documentation (with warnings/!\ and infos{i}), FAQ, TODO list (see "Get Involved" above) , ideas ((!)) etc.

You can use ?Subpages to structure the content if you have many things to document here.