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Laura Arjona Reina

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My Debian Activities

I'm a Debian Contributor (and Debian Developer (non-uploading) since August 2015): I coordinate the translation of the Debian website into Spanish, web team member, and engage in some other tasks (see my profile in

I use Debian at work (some LAMP servers, since 2007, and in my desktop, since 2010) and at home (my laptop, since 2010, and a home microserver, since 2014).

After years of lurking here and there, in 2012 I started to clean spam and to translate Debian web pages into Spanish.

These two tasks are quite easy things (we all know about spam... and most of my translations are updates (small changes) to other people's work) that can be done in small chunks of free time, while they give me the opportunity to read and learn about the Debian project.

Since 2013 I've been involved in the Publicity team (until 2023) and the Webmaster team (ongoing). I keep on translating the website into Spanish. I've given my two cents, mostly related to publicity and social media, in the DebConf organisation team for several years, and the Debian Outreach team. I've been member of the Debian Anti-Harassment team from May 2016 to January 2019. Since 2016 I also contribute in the Debian Partners Team.

I particularly appreciate the initiatives of Debian Women, Debian Contributors and the Welcome Team. I keep an eye in their lists and engage more, when I can:

Other activities

I've contributed translations to Spanish to several free software projects, mainly F-Droid, GNU Mediagoblin, and some Android apps. Sometimes (less than what I would like!) the FSFE website.

I participated in the community coordinating the monthly meetings, reporting issues, triaging others and helping newbies to taste this decentralized social network. I also translated some clients. I plan to re-engage soon.

I work in the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering, as IT Assistant, there I give some helpdesk support to the Linux/Android users and maintain a blog about free software and free culture.

In June 2012 I finished my studies of the Official Master’s Program on Libre Software (Master Universitario en Software libre) at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid (Spain). Since then until 2017, I spent part of my free time researching about libre software, in collaboration with the LibreSoft Research Group.

Since December 2013, I'm a FSFE Fellow (#2702).

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