Issues to be aware of when migrating LXC HOSTS from stretch to buster

Here's a list of issues to be aware of when upgrading the host from Debian stretch to Debian buster.

These should optimally go into the Buster release notes. You are very wellcome to move them there.


Before upgrading my guest configs had:

After upgrading the guest wouldn't start. To debug this I started them in the foreground with:

That resulted in:

I commented it the lxc.console.path line out - I wasn't able to figure out how to correctly create the terminal file.


After the upgrade there was no networking available to the guests.

There are multiple ways to set up networking for LXC guests. I installed the libvirt-daemon-system as described and had networking back.

auto start of containers

My guest are not auto-starting after reboot any more. In the guest config files I have:

They are symlinked from /etc/lxc/auto but they won't start on boot.