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-- [[HCGrove]], 2018-10-24

Debian versions this page documents

The instructions here oscillate between wheezy, current testing/sid and jessie, sometimes in the same section. There's no consistency as to which version is assumed to be current. I suggest we adjust the page to default to current stable, with clearly marked exceptions where this differs for testing/sid, and we either delete wheezy-specific (oldstable) stuff altogether (or tuck it into a subpage). If there would be too many testing/sid exceptions (because so much has changed since jessie) then perhaps that needs to go to either a separate section or subpage too. -- JonDowland

I've just completed several hours of reworking on the LXC page, including moving Jessie specific information to a sub page and removing content for Wheezy. Some edits may be controversial but I think overall the page is in a better state.

-- ?kgoetz, 2018-08-04

I needed to install uidmap (on stretch), that should probably be added to the instructions, but as it still doesn't work for me, and as I don't know if that's stretch specific (and there's still some confusions over which release this is targetted at), I've chosen not to edit the page directly.

-- ?HCGrove, 2018-10-24