This is an organization node for["12SFO04A"/ ?LinuxWorld Conference & Expo - San Francisco 2004] from August 3-5.

Main concerns


The DebianCheatSheet provides some helpful facts for booth volunteers for answering visitors' questions.

Booth staffing timetable

August 2 - SETUP 10AM-6PM

All we need on this day are people to set up the booth. This will involve:

Hans is going to take care of as much as he can when he gets there at 10am. More people are welcome to come - sign up below.


?[LWCESFVolunteers] is the list of people who have expressed interest in volunteering to work in the Booth

Hans Uhlig will be coordinating all 4 days, so if you have questions pleese contact him at deathguard AT with the subject Prefix.


A Cell phone number will be available on request.

Please leave your email somewhere (spamprotect it) if you volunteer for a time slot so we can get in contact with you.

Our goal for the conference days is to have someone in the booth at all times. If you cannot make it to your shift on short notice, call!

August 3 - Day 1 10AM-5PM

?10AM-11:30: Evan Prodromou

11:30:-?1PM: Evan Prodromou

?1PM-2:?30PM: Ken Bloom

2:30-?4PM: David Karlin, Ken Bloom


August 4 - Day 2 10AM-5PM

?10AM-11:30: Evan Prodromou

11:30:-?1PM: David Karlin




August 5 - Day 3 / BREAKDOWN 10AM-5PM

?10AM-11:30: Evan Prodromou

11:30:-?1PM: Evan Prodromou


2:30-?4PM: David Karlin


Additional breakdown crew: David Karlin