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LTSP with Epoptes


Epoptes is a Free computer lab management and monitoring tool. It allows screen broadcasting, monitoring, remote command execution, message sending, client shutdown, etc...

Epoptes can be appreciated in contexts like an LTSP classroom, where a mentor have to help or monitor their students.


First install the administrative Epoptes interface (the Epoptes server) in your LTSP server:

apt-get install epoptes

(Note that this will generated a public certificate called /etc/epoptes/server.src)

Then enter in the LTSP client image and install the related Epoptes daemon:

apt install epoptes-client
epoptes -c

You have to logout your LTSP clients.

(Note that the epoptes -c command fetch the public certificate from the server in order to accept only secure trusted connections from it.)

(Note that you have finished the installation. You don't have to update the LTSP client image in default LTSP installation, thanks to NFS.)


Users must be added in the epoptes group to use the Epoptes administrative interface:

adduser my_teacher_username epoptes

The teacher have to logout.

Now that teacher can run the Epoptes administrative interface. You can find the Epoptes administrative interface in Menu > Internet > Epoptes of your desktop environment.